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Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. With many attractive bars, pubs, clubs and beer from 50p a Pint, tasty cuisine, hospitable atmosphere and charming guides, it's hard to go wrong in Sofia.

Stag Weekend Sofia

Widely recognised as Europe's most affordable city!

Next stop Bulgaria! Sofia has a diverse culture mixing the young with the old, in a city home to 19 different universities! This university influence means Sofia is not only Europe's most affordable city, but also one of the most fun too! A Sofia stag weekend will leave you in awe at the sheer volume of what this city has to offer.

Located in the shadow of Mount Vitosha, this city contains a mix of beautiful architecture, student nightlife and cheap drinks!

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Well there’s never a dull moment on a stag party Sofia, get out there and make the most of the stag activities Sofia on offer.

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Get the beers in on your stag night Sofia. Party until dawn! Choose a stag night Sofia for an epic night out.

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We’re working on the premise that the more Sofia stag do Information that we can supply the better for your stag do Sofia.

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Get your bags packed. Need some Sofia stag travel tips, we give you the lowdown for your planned stag weekend Sofia.

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