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Nottingham stag night IDEAS

Made famous by Robin Hood and his ‘merry men’. No tights are not compulsory, but gallons of their ‘finest ale’ on your stag nights Nottingham most definitely is.

Nottingham is the ‘Daddy’... an undisputed fact, the most popular location again and again, choose stag weekends Nottingham.

Nottingham allegedly claims to have a female/male ratio of 5:1, 6:1 or even (some claim) 7:1 – after your Nottingham stag weekends, please report back we need a definitive answer.

Set in the heart of England, stag do Nottinghams have revelled in bars along the canal side, the ‘lace market’ and in market square. Freedom should be your number one choice for your stag weekend Nottingham, with years of experience under our belts, we guarantee to give you the best stag party ever.

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Stag parties in Nottingham ACTIVITIES

It offers much more than just a central location and a legendary stag party nottingham. It’s a 24-hour city that knows how to have a good time and we've a staggering choice of Nottingham stag activities on offer.

Stag night in Nottingham NIGHTS

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to a stag night Nottingham as it has more pubs, bars and restaurants in 1 square mile than any other European city... disappointment is not an option on a stag night Nottingham.

Stag do in Nottingham INFORMATION

We’re working on the premise that the more stag do Information that we can supply the better for your stag do Nottingham.

Stag weekend in Nottingham TRAVEL

Need some travel to Nottingham tips, we give you the lowdown and offer stag weekend Nottingham package ideas.

Freedom organise Nottingham stag party nights and stag do weekends

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