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"Madchester" the engine room of British Pop and home to the most supported Football Team in the world. Offering every type of drinking establishment, Manchester is not one to dismiss.

Manchester stag night IDEAS

‘Havin’ it large’!

All the main ingredients for a monster stag nights Manchester are in place: bars, clubs, beer, women and boys toys... it's playtime and some serious lads fun to be had.

Affectionately known as ‘Madchester’. It's all in the name, this City is ‘up for it’ big time, with so many students the demand for a decent stag weekends Manchester must be catered for... And it certainly is!! Catch up with mates at the Print Works. Down a few pints at Deansgate and Deansgate Locks. Hit the bars of the Northern Quarter. And you've only just started your stag do Manchester.

By ‘eck, you must try the city's finest brew: Boddingtons. In fact how about a pint in the Rovers Return. Calling your stag parties Manchester.

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Stag parties in Manchester ACTIVITIES

There's never a dull moment, we make sure of that. Prepare for the most memorable of stag party Manchester with our Manchester stag activities suggestions.

Stag night in Manchester NIGHTS

Welcome to the 'Daddy' of all parties. It has to be said that our Manchester stag nights are 'banging'!

Stag do in Manchester INFORMATION

All you need to know and more is right here on our Stag do Information page. Get reading for your stag do Manchester.

Stag weekend in Manchester TRAVEL

Planes, trains and autombiles, we don't care how you travel to Manchester, just get your asses up here in time to party hard on the stag weekend Manchester.

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