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The capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Edinburgh is notorious for it's city Pub Crawls and wild all night partying. With over 700 bars Edinburgh is perfect.

Edinburgh stag night IDEAS

Welcome to Bonny Scotland. It's not all tartan, heather and kilts. No there's plenty of reasons why this is the UK's second most visited city after London and beer and whisky feature right up there.

You'll find a friendly, world-class, energetic and 24-hour party city. For its size, the city has more places to eat than any other in the world we know how hungry you guys get on stag nights Edinburgh. We also know how thirsty and maybe just maybe the 700 bars will satisfy the thirst on your stag parties Edinburgh.

Take a wee jaunt and you're out in the stunning Scottish countryside, where exhillarating outdoor pursuits await your stag weekends Edinburgh. Caber tossing anyone?

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Stag parties in Edinburgh ACTIVITIES

Culture, The Castle, golf, shortbread, whiskey (gets another mention) can all be combined with a staggering choice of Edinburgh stag activities activities to ensure a top stag party Edinburgh is enjoyed by one and all.

Stag night in Edinburgh NIGHTS

You can rely on us to give you the lowdown, it's our mission to find out where the party's at and point your stag night Edinburgh in the right direction with Edinburgh stag night ideas.

Stag do in Edinburgh INFORMATION

Stag do information with all the extras we can think of for the stag do Edinburgh, some maybe helpful some maybe not... that's just the way it goes.

Stag weekend in Edinburgh TRAVEL

For most of you it will just be a case on heading up North. We give you all the travel to Edinburgh info you could need for your stag weekend Edinburgh.

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