Stag Party in Cambridge

Cambridge is not only famous for it's Prestigious University and Colleges but also for it's striking ancient architecture. Visit one of the City's many historic pubs or take a chauffeured punt down the river.

Cambridge stag night IDEAS

Surely Cambridge has to go down as one of the most attractive cities in the U.K. A picture postcard vision of England, that makes it a firm favourite for stag parties Cambridge.

It was put on the map in the late 13th century by fleeing Oxford scholars, no longer happy they settled here, turning this city into a ‘lauded seat of learning’. Current day students are demanding, they expect a great nightlife and more... and boys... the stag weekends Cambridge have responded!

You’ll find a dignified, cultured, erudite, aesthetic, (oops, been using the Oxford dictionary as reference, those scholars wouldn’t have approved) of cities to welcome you for your stag nights Cambridge. Good beer, good food and good clubs as a heady mix of ancient and modern combine.

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Stag parties in Cambridge ACTIVITIES

A few Cambridge stag day activities will keep the boys amused and make the topic of conversation over a some beers later. We've got variety, challenges, competitions and more boys toys than you can shake a stick at for a stag party Cambridge.

Stag night in Cambridge NIGHTS

It's time to party hard and late on this Cambridge stag night. Good food, a variety of bars all waiting to serve you a pint of their best, some laughs along the way and all topped off with nightclub entrance - your names are on the door, so no bother getting past the bouncers on your stag night Cambridge.

Stag do in Cambridge INFORMATION

Anything extra in terms of stag do information that we think might come in usefu on the stag do Cambridge.

Stag weekend in Cambridge TRAVEL

How did we ever survive with the SatNav? We give you the heads up for your travel to a stag weekend Cambridge.

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