Stag Party in Bournemouth

Set on seven miles of golden sand and voted the "Happiest" place in Britain. Bournemouth combines the most stunning coastal scenery with beautiful Victorian architecture and contemporary nightlife.

Bournemouth stag night IDEAS

Let the sea air fill your lungs, let the Dorset sun warm your cheeks and let the bevy of beach babes into your line of vision.

Donít get lost in the sea (couldnít resist the pun) of stag do Bournemouth organisation mania, we'll deliver the most memorable stag nights Bournemouth. Here is the English seaside at its very best, with seven miles of sandy beaches, beautiful Victorian architecture and a happening nightlife.

This compact town centre is perfect for the classic pub crawl Ė the next pint is never far away (comforting thought isnít it). Youíll find less old wrinklies and more new pubs, new clubs... and of course those out to party on their stag weekends Bournemouth.

Bournemouth is now a favourite destination for thousands of tourists every year. Well, with all that sun, sand, sea (and the other) itís no surprise stag parties Bournemouth are a must.

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Stag parties in Bournemouth ACTIVITIES

What to do and where to do it ... we'll make some inspiring suggestions for during your Bournemouth stag day and that heady mix of sun, sand and surf will get you started nicely for the stag party Bournemouth.

Stag night in Bournemouth NIGHTS

Get ready to party long and hard. What's it to be for your Bournemouth stag night? Food, beer, ladies, comedy, clubbing (all of them?)... you decide what is right for your stag night Bournemouth.

Stag do in Bournemouth INFORMATION

Useful (we hope) tips, advice and stag do information for the best best stag do Bournemouth.

Stag weekend in Bournemouth TRAVEL

Some proper seaside sun (not to mention gorgeous seaside babes) makes the effort of travelling to Bournemouth worth it. Come on a stag weekend Bournemouth.

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