Hen Party Day Activities

Afternoon Tease

Hen Activities Afternoon Tease
Afternoon tea but not as you know it. Expect bare bums as you take on the Afternoon Tease.

Beyonce Dance Party

Hen Activities Beyonce Dance Party
Our professional dancer teaches you the routines to your favourite Beyonce songs.

Bollywood Dancing

Hen Activities Bollywood Dancing
Learn to move like a Bollywood princess in this vibrant and exotic workshop. Our top instructors show you exactly how it is done.
£28 - £30
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Burlesque Party

Hen Activities Burlesque Party
Do feather boas, frilly knickers and the fan dance sound like a giggle? Our instructors show you the art of this sexy dance style!
£28.49 +
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Dance Divas

Hen Activities Dance Divas
Our professional dancer teaches your choice of 14 dance routines, from ABBA to Beyonce Single Ladies, Dirty Dancing to Thriller.

Goofy Games

Hen Activities Goofy Games
Goofy games include a unique competitive format of zany activities that keep party groups laughing all the way.
£29 - £69
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Lip Sync Battle

Hen Activities Lip Sync Battle
Get ready for battle of the lip sync variety. A fun class that leads to a sing and dance off.
£40 - £45
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Mobile Spa

Hen Activities Mobile Spa
Free massage for special person Let the beauty therapist come to you. Stay in the comfort of your hotel or own home and be pampered.

Zombie Boot Camp

Hen Activities Zombie Boot Camp
Warning! This event is for the real horror fan. Take on the Zombie Boot Camp... if you dare.

Bubble MayHEN

Hen Activities Bubble MayHEN
It really is time for you ladies to get involved with the latest craze sweeping the nation, why should the boys have all the fun.
£26.49 - £29.95
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Chocolate Fiesta

Hen Activities Chocolate Fiesta
Chocolate Fiesta is a fun, messy, decadent mix of chocolate making, entertainment, competitions and chocolate.
£30 - £35
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Chocolate Workshop

Hen Activities Chocolate Workshop
For the real chocolate lover - who can resist learning the art of making beautiful chocolate that look as good as they taste?
£39 - £55
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Cocktail Making

Hen Activities Cocktail Making
Become a mixologist under the expert tuition of our super slick bartenders learn how to make your favourite cocktails and sample them!

Crazy Gang

Hen Activities Crazy Gang
Have you got a crazy group and need activities to match their personality? Do something different and unusual for your party.
£45 - £79
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Hen T-Shirts

Hen Activities Hen T-Shirts
Personalised tshirts to make your hen party stand out from the crowd.

Indoor Games

Hen Activities Indoor Games
All of the fun of the goofy games but inside the barn in the warm! Take part in 8 crazy games.


Hen Activities MegaMix
Can't quite decide on an activity? Choose a megamix of 2 activities - bubble football, old school sports day, goggle football and dodgeball.
£49.95 +
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Movie Music Party

Hen Activities Movie Music Party
You know the songs, you love the movie, now learn the dance moves to these crowd pleasers. Recreate your favourite movie dance.


Hen Activities Pampering
Relax and choose from a back massage, manicure, pedicure or facial all performed by qualified professionals.

Pole Dancing

Hen Activities Pole Dancing
Have fun with the girls and learn the art of seduction at the same time. A very popular activity, have you got what it takes to work the Pole?
£25 - £29.95
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Quad Bikes

Hen Activities Quad Bikes
From fast and furious track racing to trekking and obstacles courses. Unleash that competitive edge and race your mates to the finish line.
£39.95 - £60
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Spice Girls

Hen Activities Spice Girls
Spice up your life with a Spice Girls dance party. You'll learn the routines to the classics taught by a professional teacher.

80s Dance Party

Hen Activities 80s Dance Party
Leg warmers at the ready, groove your way back to the 80's with the sounds of Fame, Footloose and Flashdance.

Charlies Angels

Hen Activities Charlies Angels
Ladies, be Lara Croft or one of Charlie's Angels for the day. Activities range from driving an all terrain vehicle to shooting a machine gun.
£25 - £49
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Hen Activities Cheerleading
Master the art of the Pom Pom with one of our fabulous professional coaches. You will learn the best routines and catchy chants.
£28 - £30
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Perfume Creation

Hen Activities Perfume Creation
Give yourself celebrity status and create your very own perfume. Each guest leaves with their own personalised perfume which can be re-ordered in the future.


Hen Activities Punting
Travel in style through the centre of Cambridge, our traditional punts are a relaxing and serene way to see the sights.

Escape Room

Hen Activities Escape Room
Try to escape a locked room by solving a series of logic puzzles, testing your wits and problem solving under the pressure of being trapped.
£16.95 - £30
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Alcohol Appreciation

Hen Activities Alcohol Appreciation
Widen your alcohol knowledge horizon or stick to your favourite tipple our experts help educate your tastebuds.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Hen Activities Clay Pigeon Shooting
Let the clay out the Oxford trap, squeeze the trigger, feel the kick-back and see that clay get obliterated.
£39 - £55
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Hen Activities Hovercrafting
Racing with a difference - lifted from the ground by a large fan you race at break neck speed floating just 10cm above the ground.
£45 - £49
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Mud Warrior

Hen Activities Mud Warrior
Challenging you to the latest fitness craze, we have developed a Tough Mudder style event for teams with a love for the great outdoors.
£15 - £35
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Nude Life Drawing

Hen Activities Nude Life Drawing
Drawing naked gentlemen, what a great party for the girls - you get to ogle and it's all in the name of art!


Hen Activities Dodgeball
Dodge, Duck, Dip and Dive - a game of Dodgeball will bring out your competitive side and ensure you work up a thirst.

Human Table Football

Hen Activities Human Table Football
A hilarious inflatable game. literally strapped in turn you and your mates into a real life table football squad!
£19 - £30
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Mobile Activities

Hen Activities Mobile Activities
We bring these action packed events to you in the UK: Archery, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, Crossbows and Air Rifle Shooting.

Mobile Cocktails

Hen Activities Mobile Cocktails
Let the cocktails comes to you! The experts will arrive at your location with a bar, drinks and cocktails making session.

Off Road Karting

Hen Activities Off Road Karting
You've seen them on Top Gear, now have a go yourself. These little beauties are roaring good fun and sure to get your pulse racing.

Cider Festival

Hen Activities Cider Festival
Whether a bright orange cloudy cider, or a dark coloured fruit cider, our expert bartenders will guide and inform you on the craft ciders.

Combat Archery

Hen Activities Combat Archery
Combat Archery is played similar to paintball and dodgeball with bows and patented foam-tipped arrows.
£25 - £35
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X Factor

Hen Activities X Factor
Forget the last winner of X Factor or The Voice, the next could be you, choose from over 9000 backing tracks for your audition.
£30 - £49
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Party Makeover

Hen Activities Party Makeover
Our makeover professional will join you girls getting ready with expert make-up tips, a few drinks and a lots of chatter.
£34.95 +
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Bike Tour

Hen Activities Bike Tour
City cycling tours to mountain biking through stunning scenery, our guides will make it a sightseeing tour to remember.
£23 - £55
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Its a Knockout

Hen Activities Its a Knockout
Team up to play the massive retro TV game show It's a Knockout, wearing bizarre outfits in ludicrous challenges you are guaranteed laughter.

Mobile Adventures

Hen Activities Mobile Adventures
A game that successfully combines a Treasure Hunt, Quiz, Bar Tour and Challenges all into one fun package.

Multiple Activity Day

Hen Activities Multiple Activity Day
A full day of activities, action all the way. Some fun, some unusual and even better you get to choose so everyone is happy.
£55 - £75
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Pizza Making

Hen Activities Pizza Making
Roll up your sleeves and let the games begin. From tossing dough to creating your own pizza masterpiece with Prosecco in hand. Both funny and scrummy.

School Sports Day

Hen Activities School Sports Day
Taking you back to one of your school highlights. Summer term meant sports day, no lessons and lots of fun.

Theme Park Tickets

Hen Activities Theme Park Tickets
Pure enjoyment, our most popular theme have have just one mission to give you a full-on day of rides and live entertainment.
£29 - £39
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Treasure Hunts

Hen Activities Treasure Hunts
Take on team challenges, scavenging for cryptic clues and competing in fun tasks to solve the treasure mysteries first.

4x4 Off Road

Hen Activities 4x4 Off Road
Test your driving skills off road style, over extreme terrain: hill climbs, adverse cambers and mud baths - its all good, mucky fun.

90s Dance Party

Hen Activities 90s Dance Party
Re-live the pumping 90's, with your favourite anthems pop and rock from the Spice Girls to Prince.


Hen Activities Abseiling
Lean back for that adrenaline rush as you abseil down a vertical decent, go for it, just don't look down!

Activity Transfers

Hen Activities Activity Transfers
Arranging transport for a large group to your activities can be a right chore! Look no further, we've got it covered!
£5 - £20
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Adventure Activities

Hen Activities Adventure Activities
Call yourself an adrenaline junky, then this is for you; adventure, excitement, thrills that should get your pulse racing.
£39 - £60
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Afternoon Tea

Hen Activities Afternoon Tea
Traditional, elegant and stylish. Relax and enjoy an afternoon of luxury with afternoon tea in one of our top city centre venues.
£19 - £40
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Airport Transfers

Hen Activities Airport Transfers
Our cheap airport transfers whisk your group to our accommodation for express check-in so the events gets off to a great start.


Hen Activities Archery
Raise the crossbow and get the target in your sites. Take aim, steady the hands, control the breathing and bulls eye every time... if only!

Assault Course

Hen Activities Assault Course
Work in teams to eliminate the obstacles, whether you are a Ninja Warrior or a Tough Mudder, finish the challenging course in impressive style.

Beach Activities

Hen Activities Beach Activities
Our guides will organise your activities on the beach, from volleyball and rounders to simply sun bathing, it suits your whole group.
£10 - £28
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Beer Keg Racing

Hen Activities Beer Keg Racing
Exciting to ride, hilarious to watch, race these quirky machines head-to-head around the slalom track and push your keg to its limit.

Belly Dancing

Hen Activities Belly Dancing
Learn the Eastern art of Belly Dancing. Feel sexy and have a fun dance lesson with our professional instructor in one a top City centre venue.
£25 - £29
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Big Wheel

Hen Activities Big Wheel
The very best views are guaranteed from a trip on the Big Wheel, admire the stunning sights on your gentle rotation up high.
£15 - £30
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Blindfold Driving

Hen Activities Blindfold Driving
Blindfold Driving-what a laugh. Ever tried to close your eyes and drive at the same time? if the answer is yes... we're very worried!
£24 - £40
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Boat Cruise

Hen Activities Boat Cruise
Take to the waterways in your own exclusive day cruiser or on-board our river boats. Relax and let the scenery pass you by.
£15 - £69
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Hen Activities Bob-Sleigh
Experience the thrill of the bob-sleigh as you toboggan down our alpine cresta run. See how it feels to be in the winter olympics.
£22 - £43
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Hen Activities Bodyboarding
Make surfing the waves easy with our expert surfer dude instructors you'll soon have the hang of bodyboarding.

Boozy Brunch

Hen Activities Boozy Brunch
Whether it's hair of the dog or to kick start your party weekend, Boozy Brunch fits the bill.
£15 - £30
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Can-Can Dancing

Hen Activities Can-Can Dancing
Looking for an activity that's energetic, fun and sexy but don't fancy pole dancing? Then why not give a Can-Can class a try.

Catamaran Cruise

Hen Activities Catamaran Cruise
Spend the day sailing around the Mediterranean sea on-board our racing yacht, sun bathing and swimming.

Chart Toppers Dance

Hen Activities Chart Toppers Dance
Master a dance routine to some iconic anthems of the era. From Pharrell Williams 'Happy' to Bruno Mars 'Uptown funk'.

Chessington Zoo

Hen Activities Chessington Zoo
Fun at the Zoo! From the downright wild and scary to the cute take-homers, you'll see them all.

Chocolate Making Kit

Hen Activities Chocolate Making Kit
Ooooh don't you just love anything with a chocolate theme. We deliver a Mobile Chocolate Making kit to your venue, with everything supplied.


Hen Activities Choc-tails
Made in heaven - a combination of drinking chocolate Martini cocktails and making your own chocolate selection - yum!

Cooking Class

Hen Activities Cooking Class
Move over celebrity chefs, it's your turn to become a masterchef. Create the perfect meal with the help of one our professional chefs.
£25 - £35
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Cupcakes and Cocktail

Hen Activities Cupcakes and Cocktail
You'll be creating the scrumptious cupcakes whilst drinking cocktails or bubbly - what a winning combination.
£35 - £39
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Dominatrix Day

Hen Activities Dominatrix Day
"Dominatrix for a Day" - empowering you to leave your inhibitions behind and embrace your inner Goddess.


Hen Activities Dungeons
Experience Fright Night and Halloween all year round with a tour of the gruesome Dungeons.
£12 - £25
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Express Blow Dry

Hen Activities Express Blow Dry
Get your hair styled by the professionals before your big night out. An Express Blow Dry will see you girls looking fab.

Flamenco Dancing

Hen Activities Flamenco Dancing
Our experienced dance instructors will teach you the art of Flamenco Dancing in a traditional Spanish setting.
£26 - £30
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Flash Mob Dance

Hen Activities Flash Mob Dance
Get your friends together, learn an awesome Flash Mob Dance routine and spring the biggest and funniest surprise of their lives.

Flight Friend

Hen Activities Flight Friend
Freedom flight search service is free, helping you save money on direct flight bookings with low cost airlines.

Get Creative

Hen Activities Get Creative
A very unique craft making activity for your party, so let the creative juices flow and come home with a unique souvenir.
£25 - £35
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Girls Best Friend

Hen Activities Girls Best Friend
Combining a cocktail masterclass, welcome drink, 2 course meal and vodka shots makes this every girl's best friend.

Gourmet Lunch

Hen Activities Gourmet Lunch
How a long boozy lunch with friends, we'll give your taste-buds a treat at one of the best dining experiences in town.
£30 - £45
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Graffiti Artists

Hen Activities Graffiti Artists
Our professional will turn you into uber-cool Graffiti Artists. Express yourself in a never to be repeated masterpiece.
£30 - £40
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Great Gatsby

Hen Activities Great Gatsby
A photoshoot taking it's inspiration from the Great Gatsby, an excuse to dress like gangsters and molls.

Hangover Spa

Hen Activities Hangover Spa
Hung over? Room still spinning from the night before? Can't face that fry up yet? If so relax in an authentic detox spa.
£28 - £39
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Hat Tastic

Hen Activities Hat Tastic
Our professional Milliner will help you design and create your very own fascinator, perfect for the wedding or special party.

Health Club

Hen Activities Health Club
Leisure facilities including: pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and steam room. Relax and recharge after a great nights party.
£15 - £39
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High Ropes

Hen Activities High Ropes
Fancy a challenge? Got a head for heights? Yes, conquer your fears at one of our specially designed High Rope venues.
£17 - £46
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Hen Activities Hoopdance
Hula hooping has had a makeover. Let one of our professional coaches show you the skills behind this exciting dancing style.

Horse Races

Hen Activities Horse Races
Experience the glamour of the horse racing at the nations most prestigious race tracks and hopefully go home a winner.
£18 - £39
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Horse Riding

Hen Activities Horse Riding
Our horse riding experiences are based on your groups experience from beginners lessons to hacks in the surrounding countryside.
£25 - £69
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Ice Skating

Hen Activities Ice Skating
Not ready to audition for the next series of Dancing on Ice then practice your skills with an ice skating session.

Jet Skiing

Hen Activities Jet Skiing
Fast and furious watersports action, master the art of standing on jet skis as you fly across the waves.
£30 - £59
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Karting Queens

Hen Activities Karting Queens
Demonstrate excellent driving skills to become the queen of the karting track. Finish the debate showing the guys how it's done.
£38 - £59
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Hen Activities Kayaking
Kayaking trips embrace the wonderful outdoors on the sea, on rivers, in surf zones and along white water courses.

Laser Quest

Hen Activities Laser Quest
Enter the futuristic labyrinth of Quasar, for a classic game of hide and seek, blast your opponents sensory chest packs with your laser gun.
£11 - £28
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Limo Strippers

Hen Activities Limo Strippers
Travel in style, our Limo service picks up from arrivals and transports you directly to your accommodation with our stripper for your personal entertainment.
£39 - £45
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Made in Chelsea Tour

Hen Activities Made in Chelsea Tour
Take a walking tour around the sights of the hit TV show Made in Chelsea.

Max Kats

Hen Activities Max Kats
Max Kat madness, with no limits these 6x6 all terrain vehicles are as at home in the water as they are in a muddy bog (perfect for Glastonbury then).
£35 - £50
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Meal Deal

Hen Activities Meal Deal
For lunch add a delicious bar meal, the city centre venues are thriving restaurants with a party atmosphere all day long.

Military Guns

Hen Activities Military Guns
Machine guns and Hand guns including AK47, Uzi/Scorpian machine gun, Magnum, 9mm Glock and Colt 45. Illegal in the UK so go abroad!
£35 - £69
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Mini Adventures

Hen Activities Mini Adventures
Classic mini rally in central London or Trabants in Eastern Europe, you take your pick. Get ready for a Mini Adventure.
£55 - £75
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Motorised Bath Tubs

Hen Activities Motorised Bath Tubs
Does what it says on the tin... or should that be tub... happy racing. A new, unique form of racing that is serious fun!


Hen Activities Paddleboarding
Take to the water to experience the world's fastest growing water sport Stand Up Paddleboarding

Pamper Deluxe

Hen Activities Pamper Deluxe
Luxurious "me time" on your girly event. The pampering deluxe delivers a relaxing haven because you're worth it!
£45 - £79
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Pampering Day

Hen Activities Pampering Day
Spoil yourself with a whole day of pampering, leisure facilities, treatments and spa lunch.
£39 - £55
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Paparazzi PhotoShoot

Hen Activities Paparazzi PhotoShoot
Book our paparazzi photographer to capture your group night out in photographic glory for you to keep.

Pimp Your Pants

Hen Activities Pimp Your Pants
A 'brief' lesson in making your own bespoke knickers, we invite you to Pimp Your Pants, literally stitch before you hitch!

Pop Video

Hen Activities Pop Video
Camera, lights and action - Our professional production team help you become a popstar for the day and create your very own music video.

Powerboat Thriller

Hen Activities Powerboat Thriller
Experience for yourselves the thrills and exhilaration of a Powerboat ride. Take on the waves and flying across the water at break-neck speeds.
£30 - £75
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Private Yacht

Hen Activities Private Yacht
Cruise the Med on your exclusive luxury yacht for an afternoon, catch some rays on deck and swim in the warm seas like a rockstar.
£65 - £95
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Punting Treasure Hunt

Hen Activities Punting Treasure Hunt
Punting treasure hunt involves serenely floating along the River Cam collecting clues and then on foot locating the treasure in Cambridge city centre.

Queens of Pop

Hen Activities Queens of Pop
Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga? Who gets your vote? Choose the dance class and learn the moves of your favourite.


Hen Activities Riverdance
Get into the true spirit of Ireland with this dance and music session. The most popular and traditional of all Irish dances certainly not one to dismiss!

Roaring 20s

Hen Activities Roaring 20s
A two hour dance class that fully embraces all the glam and glitz of the Roaring 20's, think Great Gatsby, Charleston and all that jazz!

Roller Disco

Hen Activities Roller Disco
It's back...the old skool Roller Disco! Strap on your skates and dance to the music in one of our many popular city centre venues.

Salsa and Punting

Hen Activities Salsa and Punting
Serene punting along the river Cam followed by a fun salsa dance lesson has proven to be a very popular combination.

Salsa Dancing

Hen Activities Salsa Dancing
Be sexy, be wild, be Latin. This popular strictly ballroom dance experience is not only incredible fun, but also great exercise.
£19 - £29
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Samba Drumming

Hen Activities Samba Drumming
Get with the beat and experience an authentic Samba drumming workshop, love those musical sounds of Brazil.

Seduction Class

Hen Activities Seduction Class
Oooh now we've caught your attention. Arouse, flirt, seduce and lap dance! It's fun and naughty.


Hen Activities Segway
Rugged, tough and designed to take you off the beaten path with a unique riding experience. Explore the outdoors on Segways.


Hen Activities Showgirls
You know the songs, now learn the moves to some of the most iconic tunes in modern history with our professional teachers.

Sightseeing Tours

Hen Activities Sightseeing Tours
Visit the most interesting sights in the UK and Europe with our local English speaking guides either walking of bus tours.
£5 - £35
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Skiing Snowboarding

Hen Activities Skiing Snowboarding
Cruise down the slopes in snow domes or alpine skiing, our ski passes include Skis or Snowboard and Boot Hire.
£30 - £55
View Idea

Snow Fun

Hen Activities Snow Fun
There is more to winter sports than skiing, so have fun on snow buggies, tobogganing, sledging or ski-doo's
£30 - £56
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Speed Boat Ride

Hen Activities Speed Boat Ride
Adrenaline rush on the water, climb aboard these powerful rib boats for an exhilarating ride of a lifetime!

Street Dance

Hen Activities Street Dance
Learn the latest Street moves and impress everyone in the Club with a few new cool moves.

Stunt Driving

Hen Activities Stunt Driving
A unique Stunt Driving experience... oh yes we're talking handbrake turns, handbrake paralled park and the doughnut. Up for that?

Sumo Wrestling

Hen Activities Sumo Wrestling
Gain 10 stones with our hilarious sumo suits, bash your mate out the circle and become king of the fat-so's. Safe and great fun!
£18 - £69
View Idea


Hen Activities Surfing
Ride the waves, our professionally qualified instructors (beach bums) will take you from the basics to advanced manoeuvres.
£35 - £45
View Idea

Tank Driving

Hen Activities Tank Driving
Enter the battlefield in tanks and other heavy duty military vehicles that have seen real war time action and survived.

The Shoe Experience

Hen Activities The Shoe Experience
Shop for shoes, the celebrity way, with your assigned Shoe Consultant.

Thermal Baths

Hen Activities Thermal Baths
Relax in the natural thermal baths of Europe's top spa destinations. From cold plunge pools to eucalypts scented steam rooms.

Totally Wiped Out

Hen Activities Totally Wiped Out
Based on the highly entertaining TV show Total Wipeout, you can expect the unexpected and undoubtedly get wet.

TV-Movie Tours

Hen Activities TV-Movie Tours
Your chance to see, experience and travel around sets from your most loved TV shows and movies.

Vintage Photoshoot

Hen Activities Vintage Photoshoot
Experience the glamour of a bye-gone era, travel back in time and transform your look for a classic photoshoot.
£39 - £55
View Idea

Water Activities

Hen Activities Water Activities
For water babies the selection is staggering from water parks in sun soaked destinations to wake boarding thrill seekers.
£37 - £89
View Idea

Water Skiing

Hen Activities Water Skiing
Master the art of standing on two skis with a training boom, before progressing to dropping a ski and waving to the boat crew.

West End Show

Hen Activities West End Show
The curtains up on your favourite West End show. Take advantage of our discounted rates and see the Show you want, cheaper!

White Water Rafting

Hen Activities White Water Rafting
Descend the cascading rapids in an eight man raft, negotiate your way around the rocks and tame the mighty white water course.
£39 - £59
View Idea

Wine Tasting

Hen Activities Wine Tasting
Become a wine connoisseur for the day and learn about some of the best wines in the world
£20 - £49
View Idea

Wine Tasting Ultimate

Hen Activities Wine Tasting Ultimate
Enjoy some of the very best wines from all around the world available in several fabulous cities.
£29 - £48
View Idea

Yates Cocktails

Hen Activities Yates Cocktails
Quite possibly the perfect introduction to cocktails. You'll make 2 cocktails, down a jaggerbomb and enjoy some tasty nibbles.

You Do Poledance

Hen Activities You Do Poledance
Learn a pole dance routine and perform on a Lap Dance Stage in our authentic Gentleman's club.
£20 - £30
View Idea

Zap Cats

Hen Activities Zap Cats
Get ready for a white knuckle ride! Zap cats are fast and furious, all the thrills of a power boat with the fun of huge jumps.


Hen Activities Zorbing
The Zorb comes in a variety of forms - double harness and hydro versions, both see you hurtling downhill in a complete spin.
£29 - £40
View Idea

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