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I had my suspicions? The signs were there, but foolishly my gullibility got the better of me.

After a few dodgy smells in the kitchen, I could take it no longer. Having found my fair share of dead mice at home having 2 tortuous cats that like to fling them behind the sofa, I knew what a dead mouse smelt like. The contents of the bottom cupboard were pulled out to find a couple of green loaves of bread and a blackened orange amongst the half boxes of cereal. No mouse found, however the smell was still there.

After a few weeks of strange goings on, I was adamant that the mouse was now in the office. How could there be?? It's a fairly new office on the 2nd floor of an office block. Surely there are better places for a little mouse to live.

A few torn up pieces of paper, a nibble out of an apple, a roll of kitchen roll randomly on the floor were just some of the reasons I thought the mouse was still there.

That was it. Down to Poundland I went to find some mouse traps. Extensive google research was conducted on the ideal bate to catch 'Klause' as he was now named. Having set up the traps with the small slice of Mars Bar, nothing.

A few days passes and again, more tissue gathers under the desk. It looks like a small nest. Maybe he has a family! Poor Klause, we are hunting him! Tiny brown nuggets of 'mouse poo' started to appear. Only around my desk. It looks like Klause is getting into the ducting and clambering along inside. I decide to set up another trap at the other end of the office by Karen.

I got into work one morning and the trap had been set off! No mouse anywhere to be seen?!

Later on that day, a shriek came from the other side of the office! Could it be!! Klause has come to say hi!! I run over in such excitement only to find a crochet mouse and a stick on mouse hole. The office erupted in laughter.

It dawned on me. I had been set up!

Little did I know, over the past 2 months, my work colleagues had been slowly convincing me that Klause was really real. I had fallen hook, line and sinker. My heart sank. How I had become so attached. Slowly everything had started to make sense. Why the MD chuckled as I came through the door with the mouse traps! Why the nuggets didn't really look too much like mouse poo but more like chocolate covered seeds? Why Bex still ate her apple? Why no one else disinfected their desks. Everyone was in on it.

It's amazing how much time and effort was put into keeping me convinced. The conversations that must have been said behind my back. How silly I felt but how much I laughed. I hate them, but I love them.

Their time will come. They think it's all over? How wrong they are?

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