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Planning and Executing the Perfect Prank

A perfectly executed stag prank can go down in history. If everything works a treat it's hilarious and will become a legend, a little like the Swedish Skipper prank that we've read over and over about - if it's new to you check out our version at Stag Do Pranks.

So we though a few hints could be useful for you pranksters to bear in mind:

Brainstorm - for ideas and hopefully you'll come up with something original.
Appropriate - to the Stag, something linked to him in some way, maybe his line of work, hobbies etc.
Secrecy - I can keep a secret, it's those I tell who can't!!! Keep it on a needs to know basis.
Acceptable - know his and your limits. OK so once someone thought it would be amusing to strip the Stag and send him to Edinburgh on the train. Well not any more, times have moved on and so must pranksters.
Specifics - delegate responsibilities and ensure everyone knows their role.

and possibly the most important... Keep Sober enough to execute the plan!

Happy stag pranking to you all.


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