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Top Stag Pranks

Nothing’s more fun than listening to the stories of high jinks our stags get up to. We just love to hear about all the antics you play on the poor hapless groom-to-be on his stag party.

How we can relate to the Royals when they show their wicked side for all to see. There’s no better example of this than Prince William’s mischief on his cousin’s, Peter Phillips, stag weekend. Peter and Mike Tindall, husband of Zara Phillips, had gone to bed and were snoring contentedly, when he smuggled in two blonds and took pics of them in bed with the unsuspecting boys.

Sometimes we do have to stop what we’re doing and have a good old laugh, the following prompted such a moment in the Freedom office.

We didn’t know that the tradition in Sweden was to surprise the stag and kidnap him away for his stag do without his prior knowledge, but we particularly admired one set of Swedes for their ingenuity. They decided that the Stag needed a beard to look the part as captain of the ship and so obligingly accommodated him.

Imagine his surprise, or should that be horror, when he discovers that all his friends – use that term loosely - had no pubic hair. Maybe we should just point out that this discovery was made in the sauna.

We were highly entertained watching the home video of one set of boys away for a stag weekend in Spain. They got the Stag dressed in a Borat-style thong over the shoulder number and made him parade along the seafront, asking the bemused onlookers the infamous question …… You like?

Remember The Smurfs, little blue men in a cartoon for kids. Well someone thought it would be a great idea to hire a dwarf, paint him blue and handcuff him to the Stag for the duration of the weekend. Could make the game of Stag Paintball quite tricky!

A tight Superman outfit leaves little to the imagination, so a drink spiked with Viagra will allow its effects to be admired by all.

Fake tan is notoriously difficult to apply evenly without going over the top (David Dickinson style) so the unwary, napping Stag may wake up and realise he’s been tangoed!

Whilst in some European countries it is the norm to kidnap the Stag, he isn’t consulted in the planning stage and as such has absolutely no idea when his stag do is, we’ve only just cottoned on to this approach.

Immediately our weird and unique British sense of humour sees the funny side of burly Russians rushing the Stag and bundling him off in a blacked out car. You all then get to laugh, at his expense, when you finally catch up with him as he’s interrogated at an old military prison.


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