Hen Party Games and Jokes

Build My Hen Party

All the plans are falling nicely into place. The date – check, the venue – check, the hen activities – check. Now what’s required is a serious injection of fun.

Scavenger Hunt

The humble Scavenger Hunt comes highly recommended. Working in teams will help with group dynamics. Remember some of the guests will know few others and given hilarious tasks to perform will undoubtedly lead to some firm bonding.

As the name (scavenger) suggests it’s a list of things to be found. This is the opportunity to unleash your wicked side… go on, you know you want to. Whilst it’s common to include items of the opposite sex’s clothing or telephone number of best looking guy in the bar, we positively encourage you to be creative.

A popular one we’ve heard our Hens have lots of fun with is the challenge of finding the male equivalent of the Spice Girls – yes they need to find Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Baby and Scary and present their findings for approval.

How naughty and saucy this game becomes – you decide.

If your inspiration has deserted you, don’t fear you can buy devised Scavenger Hunts printed and ready for your use – enjoy!

Never Say Never

One of the ways of making sure everyone in the hen party gets in on the forfeits act is the NEVER SAY NEVER game.

All the girls sit in a circle or around a table. The first girl starts out with a true statement ("I never kissed a priest before") and anyone that has done whatever the person says is required to drink.

The next person in the circle makes an I NEVER statement and everyone that has done that dastardly thing has to drink.

We hope to hear that the bride-to-be has to take several drinks.

Pop the Question

Well the clue’s in the name. Fill lots of balloons with funny dares and challenges and once the party is in full swing each guest has to pop a balloon to reveal her task.

Be naughty or nice or a mix of both, definitely will be funny.

Handbag Game

All the girls must take an item from her bag and put it into a clear plastic bag it is then the Hen’s task to match item to guest.

Bridal Pictionary

Yes evolved from the original game of Pictionary, but obviously all the items to draw must be wedding related, cake, flowers, rings... you get the idea.

Mr and Mrs

One volunteer needs to get in touch with the Groom and ask a series of questions.

Then ask the Bride-to-be if she can answer them, how well does she really know him?

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