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Are you a Hen Do Survivor? Follow these helpful tips and you will be.

Our intentions are always good: just have a couple, be sensible, mature adults and have full recollection of the hen night antics.

However those intentions often go out the window and that glass of wine accidently turns into 2 or 3, with a gin and tonic or 6, a heap of jaeger bombs, followed by a nightclub, more cocktails and a happy meal.

So with that in mind here are our recommendations to ensure you not only survive the hen party, but absolutely love it too:

Preparation is key…

1. Line your stomach. Having a good dinner before not only means you have enough energy to keep the night going, it also absorbs the first few maintaining a steady rate of ‘happiness’.
2. There is nothing worse than sore feet. To avoid walking around bare foot, make sure the shoes you wear are not just stylish but comfortable although sometimes that just can’t be helped. Wearing them round the house or in the office is definitely worth a try. At least you know where to pre plan your blister plasters.
3. Before you leave, make sure you have prepped your bedside table with a glass of water. Waking up gasping is dangerous, especially where bedroom obstacles are involved.

During your evening…

1. Stick to one type of drink… ish. Mixing your drinks always ends badly especially when it comes to spirits and wine. Personally we don’t think shots count.
2. Pace yourself. There is a fine line between being ‘tipsy’ and ‘smashed’ the key is to find the line and stay on it.
3. Avoid lunging on the dance floor. Apparently lunging is not an acceptable dance move. Not only do you look like an idiot, the next day your legs will ache A LOT and will make you walk like a robot.

The morning after…

1. Hair of the dog. Debatable if it works or not. It will make you look like you need to head to the nearest AA meeting and tastes disgusting at 9am.
2. Berocca has miracle powers. Never go on a hen do without this. It will save you.
3. Never underestimate a fry-up. Also try bananas, vegemite on toast and a whole load of coffee.
4. A pamper session can work wonders.

Wild Card…

By far, the best way to sober up quickly and not have a hangover is cold water. A jump in a plunge pool, a banana boat ride on a nice lake or a raft down a white water course works wonders. A shower may just work if you are not that brave.

Our biggest advice to you all is to always drink responsibly, NEVER drink and drive and always remember to buy a round. No one likes a cheapskate.
You can and will survive!!


How do I surprise my bride on her hen do?

Depending on the bride's personality it could be a fun idea to include a few surprises. But remember she only gets one hen night so think carefully.
Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? With most hen weekends, the bride is commonly consulted on the basics, the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. The degree of freedom the bridesmaids get to go off piste, depends on the chances of awakening the bridezilla.

Who pays for the hen do?

How soon before your wedding should you have a hen do?

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