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We've teamed up with our friends at National Weddings Magazine and asked them to make some good suggestions in terms of gifts to take along to your hen night, and this is what they came up with...

Are you looking for some gift ideas for your Hen party? We’ve put together a couple of ideas to inspire you. Depending on what kind of party you’re having you can tailor the gifts to suit, start with a cotton tote bag and then fill it with the gifts of your choice:

Spa Day
If you’re having a spa party why not get a couple of travel size toiletries such as hand crème or body lotion and a nail varnish – you could tailor it to suit the hen it’s for, maybe get some flip flops to use for the day as well.

Night Out
Fill the tote bags with a miniature, some make-up like false eyelashes or a lip gloss, create some dares for the bride-to-be to complete on the night and give everyone a badge for the night.

Weekend Break
If you want to splash out a bit more you could give everyone a gift to remember the party by such as a personalised heart or bracelet, or give them a photo frame with your favourite pic of them in.

Don’t forget to send all your hens an invite with all the details, so they know what to expect.

For more ideas visit www.nwmag.co.uk. To buy your tote bags, badges and hen invites visit www.shop-4.co.uk.

All good stuff, we would just add that we do personalised t-shirts that go down a storm.

Another little gem we've heard of, through our many networks, that we know you'd love are photobooks.

We heard of a hen party that wanted a surprise for the bride-to-be. They had thought long and hard over something that could be cherished whilst providing many giggles too. They produced a Photo Book. Fabulous! Everyone was involved in collecting photos, mementos and adding those funny little thought bubbles.

This would be so easy for you to emulate. Simply produce a photo album yourselves or search online, Photobox and Snapfish can help you. They will put together a very professional book of your pictures with your captions or quotes.

Personalised Gifts

One of our promises to all our hens is to pass on anything of interest that we stumble across, things that catch our attention and when planning your hen weekend could be useful. When it comes to gifts for the Hen you don’t always have to go down the Ann Summers route of naughties. No we're sure she would appreciate something with a little touch of class that she can treasure with fond memories of her girly friends.

Personalised Shot Glasses - These cute little glasses are personalised with the bride-to-be’s name and date of the party. We think they’re an ideal way to get the party started, whilst providing a keepsake for all the girls. Perfect to use on one of our Nightclub Combo parties. Google personalised glasses and see the fabulous range of not only shot glasses, but champagne flutes and wine glasses that make beautiful gifts.

Personalised Bottle - Champagne has always been associated with the best and all the girls love a bit of bubbly. Champagne sets the tone and really signifies a celebration! So how cool to get a personalised label on the bottle and present to the VIP on her hen night away. Whether she shares it with you is another matter.


How do I surprise my bride on her hen do?

Depending on the bride's personality it could be a fun idea to include a few surprises. But remember she only gets one hen night so think carefully.
Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? With most hen weekends, the bride is commonly consulted on the basics, the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. The degree of freedom the bridesmaids get to go off piste, depends on the chances of awakening the bridezilla.

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How soon before your wedding should you have a hen do?

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