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Hen Night Dares

Coming up with dares, challenges or tasks for the Hen and/or all her guests to perform has quickly become a popular part of a Hen Party. No points for guessing why. It's just so much fun, gets the girls all laughing and is successful at bonding the group (in mischief).

Take yourselves back to school and think subjects and projects.

So for example:

Dance - You have to dance along wildly every time Abba's Dancing Queen is played (make sure some of your party keep asking the DJ to play it or a popular song of your choice)

English Language - Show off your skills and persuade a total stranger to buy you a drink, extra points if that said stranger buys all the girls their next drink.

Textiles - Obtain a pair of men's underwear. Hmm could prove tricky, a top tip is choose your target carefully, a target that has already consumed a few beers could be ideal.

Cultural Studies - Kiss a man from each of these ethnicities, Caucasian, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese. Pucker up girls and give him a smacker on the lips.

Religious Studies - Persuade a stranger to join your religious cult. This could take a little forethought, but do try to be outrageous.

Art - Get a picture of inside the Men's Toilets. Urinals, cubicle - you decide, but it has to be definitive proof that it is in fact the Gents.

Drama - Convince a stranger that you're related to a Celebrity, how much fun this one will prove to be.

Biology - Play tonsil tennis with a man at the bar. Yes another dare that involves kissing, make sure to reapply your lipstick.

PE - Start the Conga dance and drag as many into your chain as possible.

It would be a real bonus if you could find a male teacher in a bar and tell him you're reporting for detention. Drag him along to your group and hangout with him for a while. Take photos and if he's a hottie get his number.

Will you achieve straight A grades on this hen night? You could grade each other on your efforts or just enforce the Hen to work through the list.

This will work particularly well if you're on a school reunion themed nights, 70s hen parties or 80s hen parties. Retro Nights are now proving so popular and a fun edge to a retro theme, go full-on and sort out fancy dress for all. On the retro theme and going back to school we've also just launched a great fun new activity, School Sports Day is already proving to be a winner.


How do I surprise my bride on her hen do?

Depending on the bride's personality it could be a fun idea to include a few surprises. But remember she only gets one hen night so think carefully.
Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? With most hen weekends, the bride is commonly consulted on the basics, the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. The degree of freedom the bridesmaids get to go off piste, depends on the chances of awakening the bridezilla.

Who pays for the hen do?

How soon before your wedding should you have a hen do?

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