Thanks to the well-known Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, burlesque is firmly back on the map. But steady on now, no jumping to conclusions, there is strictly a no nudity just fun code.

Freedom Hens are invited to master this art form. Learn to love your curves, enjoy your erotic power and release those inhibitions.

Burlesque owes its roots to the British music halls and US vaudeville forms of theatre entertainment, a combination of satire, song and drama and developed by the 1930’s to become more racy, trying desperately to compete with the growing cinema industry.

The prospering porn industry in the 1970’s seemed to seal its fate as it lost its sophistication, becoming indistinguishable from strip joints.

Then along came Von Teese and the UK’s very own Immodesty Blaize and suddenly it started to enjoy a healthy revival. Echoed on the fashion catwalks with corsets, stockings, suspenders and waist cinches ever popular. Think Pussy Cat Dolls – and what’s good enough for them is certainly good enough for our Hens.

Yes, Burlesque seems to have been successful in putting the tease back into striptease. Now it’s strictly not family fare, but then neither is it directed at the mac-wearing, dirty old man.

It’s liberating, inviting all to show how beautiful and sexy you really are. The basic rule appears to be if you’ve got it, shake it.

Check out the locations on this website and make Burlesque part of your Freedom hen weekend.

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