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10 things that grooms wish they'd known before their wedding day.

1. You will cry, yes really, tissues ready
2. You will feel totally loved up
3. Fight for time with your bride, she’s in big demand
4. Forget stressing over your speech, short and sweet is good, over to the bestman for the funny one-liners.
5. Your wedding night may not quite live up to expectations, so tired and so drunk don’t result in bedroom action
6. Don’t let family issues ruin your day, think seating plan carefully
7. Photos, give someone your camera or provide disposables and encourage all the guests to have fun with
8. Ask, if you’re not sure just ask don’t wing it
9. Plan B, and C and D, you get the idea cover all angles
10. Time flies so enjoy every moment

Coulda, woulda, shoulda...

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