December Birthdays

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This December, have a birthday to remember.

So another birthday is almost upon us. Don't be a slave to the December blues, and turn your next birthday into a BIG birthday. Need more encouragement? Read on as I've put together 7 ways in which you can create a memorable event.

1. Double Gifts

The beauty of a birthday in December is receiving 2 presents, what's not to love about that (unless one of the gifts is socks). That is certainly a tradition we want to continue, so:

Gift 1 A free place for you. That's right, what better way to celebrate your December birthday than by not having to pay anything. (Based on minimum group size of 8)

Gift 2 As part of our winter sale, we are offering up to 30% on all bookings going away in December.

2. "Now I have a machine Gun Ho Ho Ho"

December is a time, when it is widely acceptable to watch Christmas movies. Hence the reason to quote the greatest Christmas movie of all time DIE HARD (not that I'm biased in anyway). Channel your inner Bruce Willis and try our range of shooting packages, such as military hand guns. Let's face it unless you are going to wrestle a bear, this is the ultimate manly way to settle who's the best in your group once and for all. Book this event, and we'll add on complimentary nightclub entry for your group. So that's Gun shots followed by Tequila shots.

3. "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"

As we all look to add extra layers to keep warm, it's worth noting that for a select group of people, it's about the clothes coming off. So why not spend the evening in the company of the Dreamboys, and add a bit of sizzle to proceedings. Available at just ยฃ19.99, this show will certainly raise the temperature for your group and leave you "Feelin" hot hot hot!!!

4. "OMG Its Freezing. #frozen"

Let's face it, during December it's cold, and you can be guaranteed that your social media will be full of statuses bemoaning this fact. So why not do something different and take your friends abroad to celebrate your birthday. With a weak Euro, cheap flights, and something for everyone, make your next birthday an overseas one. Looking for inspiration, why not visit the beautiful city of Budapest, or the metropolis that is Barcelona.

5. "The Party Bus is coming and everybody is jumping"

A December birthday is a balancing act, you still want to head out in your favourite outfit, without being cold and having to take that arctic style jacket with you. So rather than standing in the endless line for the door queue, why not do something different and hop aboard the Party Bus? It's a beautiful combination of a party, a taxi and ultimately is the perfect way to start your night

6. Reach for that Beach

Looking to sunbathe and build sandcastles, then this is probably not for you. But looking to go somewhere that is not only affordable, but has activities aplenty, and a cracking nightlife, then the coast is the place to be. With a nightlife that revolves around the universities, you can take advantage of cheap nights out, which certainly don't impact the quality. Plus accommodation is at its cheapest during December, so check out our offerings in Bournemouth, Brighton and Blackpool.

7. Looking for an encore? Let Freedom bring the party to your door

With people keeping half an eye on the finances with Christmas on the horizon, it is no surprise that mobile birthdays are all the rage during the winter months. From cocktails to life drawing, there is no shortage of what we can bring to your doorstep. Want to see what we can do? Birthday Activities.


How do you make a party fun?

Even the most party-pooping guest (there is always one) will be in the party groove when the drinks are flowing and you kickstart the games. A party weekend isn't complete without some brilliant activities and games to break the ice and turbo charge the shenanigans.

What are good party ideas?

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