Ideas for 30th Birthdays

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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Ideas for 30th Birthday Party

25 Unforgettable 30th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Throw a themed party

2. Host a Treasure Hunt

3. Plan a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

4. Take a Local Brewery Tour

5. Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

6. Incorporate favourite TV shows or movies in your shindig

7. Go Rock Climbing

8. Host a birthday brunch

9. Host a Slumber Party Movie Night

10. Test Your Knowledge During Trivia Night

11. Cooking Classes

12. Book an Escape Room

13. Have a 30 flirty dirty thirty event

14. Spend the Night in a Hotel with Your Best Friends

15. Wine tasting at a winery

16. Host an Afternoon Tea Party

17. DIY Pizza Party

18. Pasta Making Party

19. Take a trip with your best friends

20. Organize a fun grown-up dinner party

21. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day (Or Weekend)

22. Go Glamping

23. Bake your own birthday cake

24. Camping Trip

25. Live Music and Dancing

Top 30th Birthday Ideas

Discover our top 10 party ideas to help celebrate your 30th birthday in style for a new decade. From crazy weekends with the girls making cocktails, bubble football with the boys or a school sports day with the crew. Our packages are tailor made to fit around your interest, party size and desired location, in the UK and abroad.

If you’re daunted with the thought of organising your 30th birthday activities, we can do the hard work for you and give you a bespoke quote as well as organise individual payments for all of your friends.

Our top 10 birthday party activities include:

Dreamboys 30th Birthday Party


The Dreamboys from £30 pp – See the world famous Dreamboys, the hottest fully nude male strip show, in many cities throughout the UK. Tickets include a complimentary cocktail, birthday girl sash, a meet and greet with the Dreamboys as well as free VIP entrance to the venue’s night club. Ensure you bring your dancing shoes as you’ll be partying the night away to the latest funky party tunes.

Escape Rooms 30th Birthday Party

Escape Rooms

Prepare yourself for Escape Rooms. Will you be able to free yourself before the time runs out? Push yourself to the limit and solve the many logic based tasks in order to escape the private rooms. Available from £17pp in cities such as London, Cambridge and Edinburgh as well as many more.

Goofy Games 30th Birthday Party

Goofy Games

Goofy Games are a fun way to enjoy a little competition. Challenge your friends to a mixture of 10 different games and activities. Expect lots of laughter and silliness as you battle it out to win the goofy games! Prices are from £39pp and games will be dependent on location.

Cocktail Making 30th Birthday Party

Cocktail Making

Learn how to make delicious cocktails and a new skill to become a master mixologist. You’ll discover the difference between a fuzzy navel, slippery nipple and even sex on the beach. The Cocktail Training is available in many cities and start at £30.

Paintball 30th Birthday Party


We couldn’t do a top 10 birthday activity list and not include paintballing! Go Rambo against your friends and become the hero amongst your group. Packages and prices vary from location to location but start at £10pp. Take note: this classic activity is not for the faint-hearted.

Mobile Spa 30th Birthday Party

Mobile Spa

Perfect if you need some R&R. Supply the venue and we’ll sort out the therapists so all you’ll have to do is put your feet up and enjoy. This activity can take anything from 2 hours to 4 and a half, making this the perfect introduction to a night out in the city. Prices start at £29.95 and therapists can bring the spa to your home or hotel.

Party Night Premium 30th Birthday

Party Night Premium

Find your best outfit and take advantage of our Party Night good food Package. Three course meal, reserved table and entrance into the nightclub, this is your birthday party sorted – fuss free! The Party Night Package costs from £28pp but varies depending on location.

School Sports Day 30th Birthday Party

School Sports Day

They say our school days were the best days of our lives and we kinda agree, so much so, our School Sports Day activity has made it onto our top ten. Think sack race, egg and spoon plus hula hooping – we have the lot. Don’t worry, no dodgy haircuts or ankle swingers required. Available from £30pp. Now part of the Birthday Party Megamix – pick 2 activities and pay no more than £56.

Nightclub VIP 30th Birthday Party

Nightclub VIP

Feel like the ultimate birthday VIP and get yourself on the guest list but with no queues, your own private booth and complimentary bubbles. Dress code sorted, you are ready to party. Nightclub VIP starts at £15 and available throughout the UK.

Hotel Stay 30th Birthday Party

Hotel Stay

Turn your birthday into a birth-weekend! Stay in a luxury 4* or 5* hotel, order room service and make your 30th birthday an occasion to remember. Hotels are in prime locations near city centres and many include extras like swimming pools and health clubs….ahh!

Party House 30th Birthday Ideas

Party House

Have a house party, choose from over 250 houses to rent for your milestone birthday. A family member can decorate with birthday balloons and organise activities including cocktail making and nude life drawing to show off your creative juices.

Bonus Unique 30th Birthday Ideas

1. Take a cooking class with a professional chef and learn how to prepare a fancy gourmet meal. Invite friends to join in and make it a group activity.

2. Plan a weekend getaway to a remote location, such as a cabin in the woods or a beach house, where you can disconnect from technology and enjoy nature.

3. Host a wine and cheese tasting party with a variety of wines and cheeses from different regions around the world.

4. Book a private yacht or boat tour and sail around a scenic area with your friends.

5. Rent a party bus or limousine and go on a tour of the city, stopping at various bars, clubs, and restaurants along the way.

6. Have a professional photographer take glamour shots of you and your friends in a studio or on location.

7. Take a dance class, such as salsa, ballroom, or hip hop, and learn some new moves.

8. Create a personalized scavenger hunt for your guests that includes locations and landmarks that are meaningful to you.

9. Rent a private movie theatre and have a movie marathon with your favourite films or TV shows.

10. Go on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy a bird's eye view of the scenery below.

Exciting and Fun 30th Birthday Party Ideas

For milestone birthdays gather your closest friends as you enter the next decade:

1. Rent a private room at a karaoke bar and sing your heart out with your friends.

2. Plan a "wine and paint" party where you and your guests can sip wine and create your own artwork.

3. Have a fun games night with board games, card games, and other party games. You could even have a tournament with prizes for the game night winners.

4. Host a murder mystery party where everyone dresses up and plays a role in solving a fictional crime.

5. Rent a photo booth and create fun memories with your guests while taking silly pictures.

6. Throw a costume party with a theme, such as a decade (80s or 90s), a TV show or movie, or a superhero.

7. Have a garden party BBQ with lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or ladder toss.

8. Go on a pub crawl or brewery tour with your friends and try different beers and cocktails.

9. Organize a scavenger hunt around the city or town where you and your guests can solve clues and complete challenges.

10. Have a dessert party with a variety of sweets like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and celebrate with the people you care about. Tailor the party to your preferences and interests, and don't be afraid to get creative!

How do you throw a 30th birthday party on a budget?

Throwing a 30th birthday party on a budget is completely possible with a little creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some tips:

Set a budget

Decide on a budget for the party and stick to it. Make a list of all the necessary expenses such as food, decorations, and entertainment, and allocate funds accordingly.

Host the party at home or a public park

Choosing a free or low-cost venue can help reduce expenses. Consider hosting the party at home or a public park that doesn't require rental fees.

DIY decorations

Make your own decorations using materials you already have at home. You can create a festive atmosphere using balloons, streamers, and DIY banners.

Potluck-style food

Ask guests to bring their favourite dish or beverage to share. This not only saves money on catering, but also adds variety to the menu.

Keep the guest list small

Limiting the number of guests can help keep costs down. Consider inviting close friends and family only.

Use free or low-cost entertainment

Plan games or activities that don't require expensive equipment or rentals. For example, you could play board games, charades, or have a sing-along.

Skip the fancy cake

Instead of ordering an expensive birthday cake, make your own or purchase a small cake or cupcakes from a local bakery.

Remember, the most important part of the party is celebrating friends, not how much money you spend. With a little creativity, you can throw a memorable 30th birthday party without breaking the bank.


How do you make a party fun?

Even the most party-pooping guest (there is always one) will be in the party groove when the drinks are flowing and you kickstart the games. A party weekend isn't complete without some brilliant activities and games to break the ice and turbo charge the shenanigans.

What are good party ideas?

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