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Is the STEN here to stay or will it crash and burn?

Joining forces probably breaks all the fundamental rules of a stag or hen party, let’s face it tradition dictates this is strictly a single sex affair. BUT is it time to think outside the box? The ‘STEN’ has been not so secretly growing in popularity.

Let’s call it the dark horse, the rank outsider or the young pretender.

A good thing?
Well all friends get to mingle before the big day.
It’s a sharing experience.
The elimination of misbehaviour; rumours could not be circulated about any risqué goings on.
Savings can be made as group sizes are often larger.
Romance could blossom as friends meet friends.

A bad thing?
OMG no chance to let your hair down and be a little wild with her/him monitoring your every move.
You’re going to be together forever (hopefully), so let’s just have one night/weekend away from him/her.
Bang goes it all being about you! No, you now have to think about what he/she would enjoy.
Sounds way too much just like a night out with mixed friends.

So we asked the question of our Sales Team: Do we get many enquiries for joint do’s?
Kate told me that she had a few that incorporated the competitive element, so for example hens v stags at Bubble Football, stags v hens at Goofy Games, whilst Karen said that she’d taken bookings for the same hotel but with different activities.

OK, so we’d heard about the STEN, read about the STEN and you may have too. BUT then our attention was caught by a magazine article talking about the ‘Hag’… it’s the same thing we hear you cry. Well apparently not. The author was putting forward that the ‘next big thing’ was the groom going to party with all his girlie friends and vice versa.

This is not a stag/hen party replacement, oh no, it’s an as well as. Apparently Sir Salmon Rushdie had a women-only guest list. The aim is sod the pressure for a perfect hen/stag do, let’s go out and just enjoy being with friends.

We’re not sure that this approach will catch on. What do you say?

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