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Stag Party Accessories

Whether you find them corny or funny, stag night accessories are a feature of stag night planning. For those wanting to embrace the whole accessory vibe, we suggest 5 of the most all-time popular options.

1. Inflatables
Silly props will always draw attention to any stag party on a great night out. For the ultimate in traditional stag night tomfoolery, get an inflatable sheep to take to the baaa-r or blow up doll, she’ll never let you down!

2. Antlers
Get everyone involved with stag antlers. These are a very funny way of getting noticed, no-one will be in any doubt as to who the stag or stag party is and you will certainly raise a few eyebrows along the way!

3. Hats and Wigs
Hats and wigs are a great alternative to dressing up if you or some of your party are feeling a little self-conscious. There are some great hats and wigs to choose from, be it bowler hats to clown wigs, or if you’re feeling particularly cruel, get the stag a wig with a great arrow on the top to make sure everyone knows where he is! Themes like cowboys and Indians don’t need the full outfit to get the required message across and a great Elvis wig will do the trick teamed up with a pair of sunglasses and a lip curl!

4. Beer Goggle Glasses
Or any amusing types of specs really, we’ve seen: geek, pints, flashing. Sometimes size really does count and the bigger the better rule applies.

5. Novelties
Sashes are not just for the ladies, you can get ones for the groom-to-be as well, either plain or with flashing lights, in case you want to get noticed some more. The more traditional L-plates, ball and chain, whistles, handcuffs, stag night balloons, novelty breasts and badges are also a great stag novelty idea. The list of possibilities is endless, and the more you have the more embarrassing and funny it will be! All you need is a sense of humour and a great imagination!

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