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What do I need?
Empty glass
Plenty of alcohol

This one is a real test of nerve. Pour an amount of drink into the empty glass, then flip the coin and call it. If you're right, the glass and coin go to the next person, if you're wrong, you drink it! The more drink you pour in, the more you risk having to drink.

Friends and Enemies

What do I need?
Playing cards
Plenty of alcohol

Find out who your real friends are with this one. Shuffle the deck and lay some out in a pyramid, 4 wide at the base and 1 at the top. Deal the rest of the cards evenly between the players.

Each row of the pyramid has a different number of fingers assigned to it. The base has 1 finger of drink, and increases by 1 finger up until the top, which is a whole 4 fingers.

Flip the first card on the base, anyone that has a matching number can place it on top of this, and nominate someone to drink. Anybody else who has the card can then override that person and place their card on top, and nominate somebody else, or even the same person!

So if a two of hearts is overturned, anyone with a two of diamonds, clubs or spades can put their card on top.

Each card placed on top adds an extra finger of drink. If nobody has a matching number, move on to the next. Work through the whole pyramid, the game is finished once the top tier has been completed.

Make sure you’ve always got a full drink for this one!

Higher or Lower

What do I need?
Playing cards
Lots of alcohol

This one is somewhat similar to Arrogance. Overturn one card from the deck, then work around the group trying to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. If you are right, the next person tries to guess. If you are wrong, or the card stays the same, you drink two fingers.

Once the deck has been worked through, shuffle and continue!

You can add even more of a twist by applying the rules from Arrogance, and having a ‘Dirty Pint’ that people add to before making their call. If somebody calls wrong they have to neck the Dirty Pint!


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