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Fancy dress is certainly an ice-breaker, guaranteed to get you off chatting, laughing and taking the p**s, preferably of the Stag. There’s no surprise to see some old favourites in the top 10:

  • Superheroes – lots of choice, but then lots of Lycra too
  • Convict – you know you boys are bad through and through
  • Officer and a Gentleman – oh the ladies love a man in uniform
  • Priests – with the Stag as a nun preferably
  • Elvis – the King lives, long live the King
  • But then there’s new entries quickly gaining in the popularity stakes:

  • Borat – only the fearless are brave enough to wear the mankini
  • Drag Queens – any excuse to get a dress on
  • Simon Cowell – DIY is easy enough, high waisted pants, jet black wig and lots of chest hair
  • Traffic Cones – literally you’ll be stopping traffic
  • Smurf – remember the little blue men, well they’re making a resurgence!
  • If you don’t opt for full costume, accessories can work well and you can whip them off if a Bouncer is being awkward and has lost his sense of humour – very common! You may want to just spare a thought for the following too:

  • Keeping the theme a surprise (not the warm fuzzy type) from the Stag until the day itself and being ready, with camera, to capture that moment of horror as he discovers what you’ve found at the dress hire shop.
  • Remember where you’re going and what stag activities you’re doing. Some bars are not welcoming to a gang of lads dressed as The Only Gay in the Village – can’t think why not!

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