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Ring of Fire

Everybody loves a good drink, and a stag party is the right place for that! Things may be a little awkward at first on your party, some people won’t know each other, and you need to find a way to break the ice.

What better way than a good old drinking game, guaranteed to be a good laugh, and get you drunk enough to throw some shapes on the dance floor without a care in the world!

What do I need?:
Playing cards
Empty glass/jug/bowl
Plenty of alcohol

An obvious first game to write about, the classic Ring of Fire is popular among all, and is certain to get you on your way before you even reach the clubs!
Spread the cards out in a circle, and place your empty glass in the centre – this will be your ‘Dirty Pint’!

Take it in turns going around the group, picking a card each and facing the associated consequences of each card! Once the final King is picked the game is up, shuffle the deck and play again!

Ace: Waterfall – The card holder starts drinking, and the person to his right starts drinking, and then to his right, and so on. Everybody has to keep drinking until the card holder stops, then the person to his right can stop, and the rest of the chain begins to stop! This is definitely one to have a full drink for!

2: You – Whoever draws this card gets to choose someone to drink 2 fingers, keep your friends on side as it may just be you who has to drink!

3: Me – Unlucky, you’ve got to drink two fingers, no palming this one off to anybody else.

4: Categories – The card drawer picks a category, and everyone goes around saying related words. It could be as easy as brands of car, or players from the 2003-04 Arsenal Invincibles Season!

5: Thumb Master – You have become the thumb master, at a time of your choosing place your thumb on the table, the last person to do the same drinks two fingers! This one only lasts until someone else picks a 5.

6: Chicks – Now this one is usually where all girls drink, but since you are on a stag do, you can either split the group into two so some drink in place of the girls, or you can all just drink again!

7: Heaven – Much like the thumb master above, you have complete control here. Point to the sky and the last person to do so drinks 2 fingers. Again, use this before someone else gets a 7!

8: Mate – You pick someone to drink 2 fingers with you.

9: Rhyme – Pick a word, and go around the group rhyming. So dog, log, hog etc. If you really want to stitch up the person next to you, choose ‘purple’ or ‘orange’!

10: Men – All guys drink.

Jack: Create a Rule – This one can really catch people out, create a rule that everybody must obey. This lasts the entire game, and everyone to break it drinks 2 fingers! My suggestions would be; no pointing, taking the little man off your glass before drinking - and putting him back after, and swapping names with the person to your right!

Queen: Questions – Go around the group asking questions to each other, but you can only reply with another question. First to mess up drinks 2 fingers.

King: Dirty Pint – The first 3 kings involve adding drink to the dirty pint in the centre, and whoever gets the final one drinks the dirty pint. With the potential for a potent mix of drinks, it’s likely to be vile!


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