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Stag Parties are a haven for heavy drinking, pranks and games, and we at Freedom consider ourselves experts on all three.

As always, we are on hand to help with our array of drinking games, plucked from the buried memories of the heavy nights of the past, and of course our overwhelming expertise.

Use our ideas (or don't, we won't be offended) to spruce up the stag do, and break down those walls between the group members who have yet to get to know each other, and obviously to laugh at each other's drunkenness!

This instalment focuses more on games you can play out and about, whether you are on a nightclub dancefloor, or squeezed into a booth with the rest of the lads.

Save the Queen

This is probably one of the easiest games to play, and can be played absolutely anywhere, even in your local Wetherspoons if the situation demands it.

Save the Queen is a great game to get the drinks flowing quickly with, but also a great way to wind up Dave when he's just bought a fresh pint.

Items Needed
1 (or more) 1 Pence Piece
Plenty of Drinks

The aim of this one is simple, drop the penny into somebody's drink, and say 'Save the Queen'. The owner of the drink then has to neck their drink in order to stop the 'Queen' drowning.

Once they have finished their drink, they are now the holder of the penny, and can hold it for as long as they want until they decide to drop it in somebody else's drink.

Spoil sports however will not be tolerated, and anybody found to be withholding their coin to stop the game, will simply open up the game to allow all party members to dig a penny from their own pocket and begin a free for all.

You will also notice people will start to keep a hand covering their drink to stop themselves being targeted. This will not go unpunished either, and those caught doing so must neck a shot of Tequila, Sambuca or any other spirit they find particularly unpleasant.

Cheers to the Governor

This is a great one as it only requires alcohol and creativity. A game guaranteed to see you getting confused and tripping yourself up. It can also be a great laugh, with the creativity, and evil genius, or players coming to light as you attempt to get each other drunk.

Start by sitting in a circle, or some form of shape in which you can move clockwise or anticlockwise around. Start by counting around the group to 21, on 21 the entire group toasts and yells 'Cheers to the Governor'.

The player that said 21 then makes a rule up for one of the numbers, so for example instead of saying 8, you could replace it with a different word, or nominate Gary to drink on that number rather than anybody say it.

Continue working up to 21 over and over, taking into account every rule, until every number has a rule assigned to it. At this point the game is over, so get another round in and get ready to start again!

The great thing about this game is that no two games are the same, and it's a good way to lighten the mood in a bar that isn't quite busy enough yet. This was a great game to play when I visited a quiet cocktail bar in Prague, trying to kill a bit of time before we hit the nightclub.

International Drinking Rules

This is a great game to last the whole night, and results in more and more slip ups as the night progresses and people begin to forget the rules.
Essentially, this game is just a set of rules to be followed for the duration of the night, or until the group agrees to end them.

If you break a rule, and you must drink a designated amount, usually 2 fingers of drink.

- You must not swear.
- You cannot use your strong hand to drink. Eg Right handed players would drink with their left.
- Pointing with fingers or thumbs is not allowed.
- You cannot call anybody by their first name, or commonly used nickname.
- The words 'drink', 'table' and 'card' are forbidden.
- Drinks must be at least a fingers distance from the edge of the table. If somebody can reach from the edge and touch your drink, you have to drink.
- You cannot put an empty glass down. You must either keep hold of it, or get it refilled.

This game can be beefed up even more by adding your own rules, for example taking a little man off your glass before drinking, and replacing him afterwards.


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