Archery Tag

The new kid on the block for combat games, Archery Tag, is making quite a splash!

A hybrid of archery, paintball and dodgeball, the aim is to dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge your way to victory and be the last man standing.

To begin with, everybody starts with just a bow in hand at either end of the arena. When the game starts, everyone scrambles to the centre to collect their arrows, before running for cover.
Much like paintball and dodgeball, the aim is to hit the opposition to eliminate them, but you can also catch somebody's arrow to eliminate them, and call a team-mate back into action.

Still desperate to get your team-mates back in the action? No fear, simply aim for the circular targets in the centre of the arena, hit the target and welcome your comrade back to the battle!

Unlike paintball, you won't have to experience that heart-stopping moment when you use up all your ammo, simply pick up arrows from the floor and get back into the action!

Archery Tag is the perfect combat sport for those who wan't to avoid the pain of a paintball, all while still targeting that one mate who deserves a pelting of arrows!
Channel your inner Legolas or Hawkeye, and get ready for an all out war!

Check out the video below, or try our Archery Tag activities here!

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