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10 Step Stag Do Guide

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10 Step Guide to Organising a Stag Do

You’ve been asked to be Best Man, wow what an honour, a little glow surrounds you, then it sinks in… you’ve one of hell of a stag do to sort. It’s never too early to get started and follow our 10 step guide to planning, aren’t we so helpful in your hour of need!

1. Consult with Groom

Your first move should be to approach the ‘Main Man’ and find what he wants from his party. Stag parties have gone ahead with the groom kept completely in the dark and gone fantastically well, other times not, so play it safe.

The two of you should decide what form the celebrations are to take, e.g. go-karting, beer, meal, Band etc. Think about: timescale, activities, food, accommodation and of course alcohol.

2. Date

Traditionally, this has always been the weekend prior to the wedding. These days it’s normally about a month before to make sure everyone involved has recovered in time! Get the key personnel committed to one date as soon as possible and ask them to start thinking about some good stag party ideas.

3. Guest List

Only the groom can help you with this one. However, you do need to know key factors such as:

  • how many
  • where they live
  • who knows who
  • special requirements, i.e. vegetarian, teetotaller

  • 4. Cost

    It is important to bear in mind that there will be a variety of budgets to cater for. It is all too easy to get over-enthusiastic only to find that the groom's best mate can’t afford to join you. Perhaps get all the boys to the pub and get the stag night ideas flowing, it’s as good an excuse as any!

    5. Location

    A hasty word of warning, this area may very well cause you the biggest headache. Put yourself in the shoes of the Hotel Manager, receiving your telephone call enquiring about the vacancies for 20 men on a stag night.

    Allow yourself extra time when deliberating location. Also bear in mind that very often the groom wishes to be away from home territory making your task harder due to unfamiliarity. That’s where we can step in, we know our party locations and exactly what each has to offer.

    6. Activities

    The cries of "BUNGEE" ring out loud and clear but the volunteers are not forthcoming.

    The options are now so extensive from pot-holing to pot-making. You have to do the research. You have determined the location, now find out what stag do activities are available - remember the budget.

    7. Communicate with Guests

    We do all the hard work for you with our MyFreedom function. Everyone needs to know all the essentials: date, location, activities and accommodation option. Remember to tell guests that they can pick and choose which elements of the party they want to participate in.

    8. Deposits

    Whatever plans you have made, deposits will be required from the guests. This also helps to cut down the knock-on effect of the inevitable "non-attendees".

    9. Make the Bookings

    Confirm all bookings, i.e. for accommodation, activities, transport, evening entertainment, food and send required deposits. If you decide to book with Freedom then we only need your best guess on numbers and a £50 deposit to secure the whole event.

    10. Confirmation with Guests

    Outline where they need to be, at what time, what to pack, an idea of what to wear, and how much they still owe. Again all this is taken care of you, each guest can login and download the ticket itinerary and maps.

    A very daunting prospect but there is help at hand. At Freedom our key word is "effortless" - music to your ears.


    How do you make a stag do special?

    Go for the hassle-free option, don't waste hours planning, only to end up with a full-time job sorting out payments from guys you might not know to suppliers you have never used before. That's our job, you simply pick the best activities / accommodation and leave us to get it sorted. Then sit back and take all the credit.

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