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Stag Shooting Plus in Riga

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Riga's MEGA Firearms Shooting package gives you access to 4 of the most lethal weapons from the Eastern Block.

Shooting Plus in Riga

Holy guacamole you cannot be serious - blast your way through the stag weekend in Riga.

What's Included

  • Instruction and Safety Gear
  • 10 shots of Semi - automatic Glock or Makarov
  • 5 shots of Semi - automatic Kalashnikov
  • 10 shots of Margolin
  • 5 shots of Pump-action
  • Individual target to keep
  • Private return transfer from your hotel
  • Lovely English speaking guide

£64.00Per Person

6 Minimum Guests

Shooting Plus Riga Stag
Shooting Plus Riga Stag
Shooting Plus Riga Stag
Shooting Plus Riga Stag

Our lovely guide will take your group to our bunker shooting range for an action packed experience including:

Kalashikov Saiga Rifle – 5 shots
There is no need to introduce this world-famous invention of Mikhail Kalashnikov first coming to service in 1949. Even after six decades the model and its variants remain the most widely used and popular assault rifles in the world. Over a hundred million built and still counting - numberless design variations of 1949 AK-47. You will be shooting one of the latest SAIGA version of AK-47 reflecting latest demands such as plastic stock, picattiny rail mounts etc. made by original AK-47 manufacturer - IzhMash factory in Russia.

Glock Pistol – 10 shots
Glock is a rugged tool of many armies and special forces - currently in 48 different countries and there are 37 different versions of Glock pistol ranging from small "baby" Glock 33 used for self-defence or back-up weapon to long-barrelled competition Glock 35. But all these versions revolve around Glock 17 chamberd for 9mm Luger-Parabellum round, which you will be shooting - this is the choice of army and police around the world.

Pump action rifle – 5 shots
If you wonder why pump action is still used today instead of automatic feed of ammo - you can virtually force-feed rifle absolutely any 20 gauge cartridge regardless its length (within reason) and amount of gunpowder in it. This way you can shoot rubber bullets, slugs, pellets, door-blasting ammo, paint, incendiary rounds or anything else you need. You will be shooting cartridges loaded with lead slugs - ripping half-inch holes in anything it hits and capable of many tasks - from blasting out door locks and penetrating anyone even wearing armour.

Margolin – 10 shots
A legendary USSR pistol designed by blind gunsmith Mikhail Margolin back in fifties. Margolin's first international success came with the success of his pistol at Caracas, Venezuela, 1954, at the competitions for the world title in marksmanship, taking the first place. Since then it is renowned for its accuracy. It is still used as target pistol and surprisingly also by some forces for covert operations and criminal underworld for contract assassinations – the smaller .22 calibre bullet fully disintegrates on impact making forensic analysis impossible, so the weapon does not need to be discarded as unwanted evidence. The weapon is also very quiet.

Stag Notes

Participants under influence of alcohol will be turned away.


Available: All year round
Allow 2 hours


Bunker shooting range in central Riga

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