Newcastle Birthday Ideas

Bollywood Dancing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Bollywood Dancing
If you've loved and admired the movies, this one's for you. Get a real taste of Bollywood in Newcastle!
£30.00 pp

Booze Cruise

Newcastle Birthday Activities Booze Cruise
Rock the boat aboard the booze cruise... take a trip on the iconic River Tyne. Food inclusive cruises also available.
£19.00 pp

Bubble Football

Newcastle Birthday Activities Bubble Football
Adding a hilarious twist to the much-loved game of footie, we give you Bubble Football in Newcastle
£29.95 pp

Burlesque Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Burlesque Party
If feather boas, frilly knickers and the fan dance sound like a giggle, then a Newcastle Burlesque Hen Party may be right for you.
£29.95 pp

Dance Divas

Newcastle Birthday Activities Dance Divas
Choice of 14 dance parties, anything from Kylie to Gangnam Style, Madonna to Beyonce, you name it.
£27.95 pp £30

Dreamboys Show

Newcastle Birthday Activities Dreamboys Show
Hottest male strippers, drag queen host, buffet with cocktail, Dreamboys gift and nightclub.
£29.95 pp

Go Karting Indoor

Newcastle Birthday Activities Go Karting Indoor
Grand Prix Karting with practice, heats, semi and final. 30 minutes south of Newcastle.
£44.95 pp

Mobile Spa

Newcastle Birthday Activities Mobile Spa
Let the qualified beauticians come to a location, chosen by you, in Newcastle.
£29.95 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Nightclub
Guest list entry to our Newcastle city centre club with restaurant and variety of themed rooms. FREE with accommodation.
£0.00 pp £10

Party Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Party Night
Great food, drink and dancing 'til late... 2 course meal, welcome drink and guestlist club entry in central Newcastle.
£19.95 pp

Party Night Premium

Newcastle Birthday Activities Party Night Premium
It's party time in our Newcastle restaurant, bar and club, with good food and a complimentary drink.
£28.95 pp

ADONIS Cabaret Show

Newcastle Birthday Activities ADONIS Cabaret Show
An all male cast entertaining you "from the moment you get to the door till you hit the dance floor" with buffet, cabaret, comedy, strip and circus.
£29.95 pp £30.20

Bar Tour

Newcastle Birthday Activities Bar Tour
Let us take you on a guided walking bar crawl in Newcastle city centre, taking in 4 bars and a nightclub with a FREE drink in each venue!
£15.00 pp

Chocolate Workshop

Newcastle Birthday Activities Chocolate Workshop
Calling all you chocolate lovers... learn the art of the chocolatier in Newcastle.
£55.00 pp

Cocktail Making

Newcastle Birthday Activities Cocktail Making
Ever dreamed of mixing cocktails like those super slick and sexy bartenders from the movies? Now you can in Newcastle!
£29.95 pp

Crazy Gang

Newcastle Birthday Activities Crazy Gang
Crazy package including one crazy activity (HTF, Pole Joust, Target Range) plus either Off Road Buggies or Quad Bikes.
£59.00 pp

Man vs Food

Newcastle Birthday Activities Man vs Food
A truly epic eating challenge for your party in Newcastle, take on the ultimate burger... and chips.
£15.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities MegaMix
NEW FOR 2016! Can't quite decide on an activity? Choose this option for a MegaMix of activities in Newcastle.
£49.95 pp £59

Movie Music Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Movie Music Party
You love the film, you know the songs... now learn the moves on your Newcastle party.
£29.95 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Pampering
Relax and unwind, treat yourself to a pampering day in Newcastle.
£39.00 pp

Party Bus

Newcastle Birthday Activities Party Bus
Party on the move... get into the clubbing spirit with the party bus in Newcastle.
£29.00 pp

Pole Dancing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Pole Dancing
All time favourite hen dance activity in Newcastle ... learn the art of seduction and have a great time.
£29.95 pp

Quad Bikes

Newcastle Birthday Activities Quad Bikes
Frenzy on four wheels and plenty of octane fuelled fun in Newcastle.
£44.95 pp

Steak and Strip

Newcastle Birthday Activities Steak and Strip
For a night out in Newcastle... Enjoy a Steak and Chips meal with a pint followed by VIP entry in to one of the top city's Gentlemans club .
£29.00 pp

80s Dance Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities 80s Dance Party
This fun and energetic 80's Newcastle dance class may very well ignite your love of all things 80's.
£29.95 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Cheerleading
Kick off your hen weekend in Newcastle with this energetic and fun filled activity.
£30.00 pp

Go Karting Outdoor

Newcastle Birthday Activities Go Karting Outdoor
Pole position beckons, who amongst the group has what it takes to throw off the competition in Newcastle.
£70.00 pp

Italian Evening

Newcastle Birthday Activities Italian Evening
An Italian gastronomic, 3 course, delight right here in Newcastle.
£22.50 pp

Partini Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Partini Party
Learn, play, party and dance on this great Partini Cocktail Making Class in Newcastle. It's new, it's different and it's a great party idea!
£29.95 pp

Perfume Creation

Newcastle Birthday Activities Perfume Creation
Create your own perfume in Newcastle. Celebrities can create their own fragrance, then why shouldn't you?
£49.00 pp

Rage Buggies

Newcastle Birthday Activities Rage Buggies
Buckle up and hold on tight for these 1000cc Rage Buggies will give you the ride of lifetime in Newcastle. Paintball included with 100 balls.
£49.95 pp

Escape Room

Newcastle Birthday Activities Escape Room
Make an epic escape in Newcastle as you scramble to solve mind boggling puzzles and piece clues together!
£16.95 pp

Mexican Party Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Mexican Party Night
Two course meal in a vibrant, fun and energetic atmosphere, add a little spice to your night out in Newcastle.
£29.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Paintball
Semi automatic guns at the ready... let the Newcastle paintball games begin.
£19.00 pp

Beer Goggle Football

Newcastle Birthday Activities Beer Goggle Football
It's 5-aside football and you're comfortable with that, but then we add the beer goggle element in Newcastle.
£30.00 pp

Cafe Rouge

Newcastle Birthday Activities Cafe Rouge
Delicious French food a la Cafe Rouge to be savoured by your party in Newcastle.
£24.95 pp

Nightclub Combo

Newcastle Birthday Activities Nightclub Combo
Three course meal in a venue with multiple theme bars, and dancing until late... enjoy a great night in Newcastle.
£25.00 pp

Nude Life Drawing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Nude Life Drawing
Nude life drawing Newcastle classes. Gaze and admire male naked flesh as you draw our male model.
£29.95 pp

Pub Challenge

Newcastle Birthday Activities Pub Challenge
A Newcastle pub hunt/quiz/challenge using a game and working in teams.
£12.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Dodgeball
Dodgeball with a mix of game formats in Newcastle. Take out the opposition in rounds guaranteed to be a good laugh!
£27.00 pp

Human Table Football

Newcastle Birthday Activities Human Table Football
A hilarious Newcastle inflatable game ... strap yourself in literally and play the best game of footie of your life.
£25.00 pp

Off Road Karting

Newcastle Birthday Activities Off Road Karting
Newcastle karts with all round suspension, full roll cage... and a big noisy engine.
£45.00 pp

Play With A Legend

Newcastle Birthday Activities Play With A Legend
Share a pitch with the footballers you idolised in your youth, in Play With a Legend in Newcastle.
£100.00 pp

Gents Club

Newcastle Birthday Activities Gents Club
VIP entrance to THREE top gentleman's clubs in Newcastle, enjoy the company of gorgeous girls.
£15.00 pp

Sports Bar

Newcastle Birthday Activities Sports Bar
For all sporty fans a funfilled evening Bowling, Dodgems, Arcade Games or Pool. Also includes a basket meal.
£21.00 pp

Butler Service

Newcastle Birthday Activities Butler Service
Semi-clad, gorgeous Butlers to serve at your own private venue in Newcastle.
£15.00 pp

Combat Archery

Newcastle Birthday Activities Combat Archery
Get ready for an all out war in this insane Newcastle combat archery activity.
£36.00 pp

Greyhound Racing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Greyhound Racing
If you enjoy a flutter, a night at the dogs is a sure winner...
£18.00 pp

Junior Master Chef

Newcastle Birthday Activities Junior Master Chef
Fun packed party involving pizza making, games and ice cream, all led by a party host.
£14.00 pp

X Factor

Newcastle Birthday Activities X Factor
Record your very own version of a pop song at a state of the art recording studio in Newcastle.
£23.00 pp

Its a Knockout

Newcastle Birthday Activities Its a Knockout
It's nothing like you've ever done before, come and play It's a Knockout in Newcastle.
£49.00 pp

Mobile Adventures

Newcastle Birthday Activities Mobile Adventures
A Newcastle treasure hunt/quiz/challenge using a game and working in teams.
£12.00 pp

Multiple Activity Day

Newcastle Birthday Activities Multiple Activity Day
An active day filled with adrenaline, hold onto your hats on the Multiple Activity Day in Newcastle.
£84.90 pp

Pizza Making

Newcastle Birthday Activities Pizza Making
A night that will see revelry and rivalry come together for a unique pizza making experience in Newcastle.
£27.00 pp

School Sports Day

Newcastle Birthday Activities School Sports Day
Reliving one of the highlights of your time at junior school... sack race, hula, bean bags it's got the lot in Newcastle.
£30.00 pp

Treasure Hunts

Newcastle Birthday Activities Treasure Hunts
Competitive sightseeing brings clue solving and photo challenges together for your Newcastle party.
£12.00 pp

4x4 Off Road

Newcastle Birthday Activities 4x4 Off Road
Taking you off road with 4X4 thrills, combined with paintball heroics in Newcastle.
£27.00 pp

90s Dance Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities 90s Dance Party
Grab your dancing shoes and get with 90's beat on your party in Newcastle.
£29.95 pp

Activity Transfers

Newcastle Birthday Activities Activity Transfers
Need a hand looking for some transport to the activities? You've come to the right place...
£0.00 pp

Afternoon Tea

Newcastle Birthday Activities Afternoon Tea
Ladies enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in Newcastle.
£19.00 pp

Alcohol Connoisseur

Newcastle Birthday Activities Alcohol Connoisseur
You choose the drink to be tasted and admired on this Alcohol Connoisseur session in Newcastle.
£39.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Archery
A Newcastle duel activity of Archery and Tomahawks for you to have a go, within an enclosed area.
£27.00 pp

Belly Dancing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Belly Dancing
Learn the Eastern art of Belly Dancing. Feel sexy and have a fun dance lesson with our professional instructor in Newcastle.
£29.00 pp

Boozy Brunch

Newcastle Birthday Activities Boozy Brunch
A boozy brunch in Newcastle will go down a treat the morning after, or just to kick start your party weekend.
£15.00 pp

Boys Toys

Newcastle Birthday Activities Boys Toys
HALF PRICE Three of the best in Newcastle... Archery, Paintball Targets and Pole Jousting
£39.00 pp

Cabaret Shows

Newcastle Birthday Activities Cabaret Shows
Burlesque meets Broadway for a fabulous and colourful night on the 'toon'..... in Newcastle.
£25.00 pp

Can-Can Dancing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Can-Can Dancing
Can-Can dancing a fantastic day activity in Newcastle, so get ready for an energetic and fun workout.
£29.00 pp

Casino Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Casino Night
Guest list entry, free tuition on how to play and your first free drink at our city centre casino in Newcastle!
£5.00 pp

Casino Royale

Newcastle Birthday Activities Casino Royale
Try our casino night for a different but glamorous and exciting way to start a Hen or Stag party in Newcastle.
£29.95 pp

Chart Toppers Dance

Newcastle Birthday Activities Chart Toppers Dance
A dance class in Newcastle that pays homage to some iconic tunes of recent times.
£30.00 pp

Chocolate Making Kit

Newcastle Birthday Activities Chocolate Making Kit
Bringing a mobile chocolate making party to you in Newcastle.
£19.00 pp

Dancing Teens

Newcastle Birthday Activities Dancing Teens
Professional instructors are on hand to teach you some cool dance moves for your party in Newcastle.
£19.00 pp

Delta Force

Newcastle Birthday Activities Delta Force
Paintballing in Newcastle doesn't get any better than this! With 8 game scenarios including double decker bus, massive pyramids etc.
£4.95 pp

Dinner at the Dogs

Newcastle Birthday Activities Dinner at the Dogs
It's a winner, three course meal in the trackside restaurant in Newcastle.
£29.00 pp

Disney Dance Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Disney Dance Party
Bringing the soundtrack to life, it's a Newcastle Disney Dance Party.
£19.00 pp

Female Nudes

Newcastle Birthday Activities Female Nudes
We invite you to develop your artistic talents whilst looking at gorgeous naked ladies in Newcastle.
£30.00 pp

Finger Food and Fizz

Newcastle Birthday Activities Finger Food and Fizz
Combine sharing platters with some Prosecco for a great party starter in Newcastle, you'll have a booth for 2 hours in a great central bar.
£12.00 pp

Flash Mob Dance

Newcastle Birthday Activities Flash Mob Dance
Get ready to add the surprise element by learning a Flash Mob Dance routine in Newcastle.
£36.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Football
You have scored here, play a 5-a-side football tournament close to Newcastle.
£15.00 pp

Girls Best Friend

Newcastle Birthday Activities Girls Best Friend
Cocktails are a girls best friend ... enjoy a cocktail class, 2 course meal and welcome drink in one of Newcastle's bars.
£39.95 pp

Greek Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Greek Night
Greek mezze meal and wine all in central Newcastle.
£35.00 pp

High Ropes

Newcastle Birthday Activities High Ropes
Monkey about on our High Ropes adventure in Newcastle.
£30.00 pp

Italian Pizzeria

Newcastle Birthday Activities Italian Pizzeria
A 2 course meal, with a drink, at Pizza Express in Newcastle.
£22.95 pp

Karaoke Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Karaoke Night
A private party pod, with karaoke, mood lighting, two microphones, 1000 songs and plasma screens, plus club Q jump and free shot.
£10.00 pp

Karts and Guns

Newcastle Birthday Activities Karts and Guns
Pole position beckons, who amongst the group has what it takes to throw off the competition in Newcastle.
£69.95 pp £80

Laser Quest

Newcastle Birthday Activities Laser Quest
It's a battlezone, a competition and seriously fierce. Take up combat mode at the Laser Tag site near Newcastle.
£15.00 pp

Meal Deal

Newcastle Birthday Activities Meal Deal
Enjoy a Pizza or Burger with a drink 'meal deal special' on your Newcastle party.
£15.00 pp

Medieval Banquet

Newcastle Birthday Activities Medieval Banquet
Step back in time to 1592....Where the Baron will invite you to dine at his table.
£45.00 pp

Mud Mayhem

Newcastle Birthday Activities Mud Mayhem
Proper lads fun with Skid Steer Buggies, Air Rifle and Penalty Shoot Out in Newcastle.
£69.00 pp

Murder Mystery

Newcastle Birthday Activities Murder Mystery
Who did it?!? Was it the Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum or reverend Green? Sherlock Holmes visits Newcastle.
£68.00 pp

Nightclub VIP

Newcastle Birthday Activities Nightclub VIP
VIP treatment all the way... well it's only as you deserve on your special night out in Newcastle.
£9.99 pp

Pamper Deluxe

Newcastle Birthday Activities Pamper Deluxe
Luxury spa overlooking the River Tyne, with 2 hours use of the pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam. Plus a 30 minute treatment of your choice.
£45.00 pp

Petrol Heads

Newcastle Birthday Activities Petrol Heads
Action packed off road experience in Newcastle with off road karts and quads.
£82.50 pp

Powerboat Thriller

Newcastle Birthday Activities Powerboat Thriller
Ultimate powerboat rib ride on the River Tees - a thrill seeking ride. Seven guests per boat.
£30.00 pp

Pyjama Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Pyjama Party
Enjoy a proper girlie pyjama party, with cocktail, takeaway and movies with popcorn in Newcastle.
£22.50 pp

Retro Night

Newcastle Birthday Activities Retro Night
Groovy Baby, disco dancing to sounds of the 70's in Newcastle city centre.
£5.00 pp

Roaring 20s

Newcastle Birthday Activities Roaring 20s
A thrilling and enticing dance class that embraces the Roaring 20's for your party in Newcastle.
£28.00 pp

Salsa Dancing

Newcastle Birthday Activities Salsa Dancing
Feel the heat on the dance floor with this sexy Salsa class in Newcastle.
£29.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Showgirls
It's showtime in Newcastle as you learn the dance moves to some of best-loved Pop Queens ever.
£26.00 pp

Sightseeing Tours

Newcastle Birthday Activities Sightseeing Tours
A great way to get around Newcastle on your hen, stag or party weekend whilst seeing the city's major attractions.
£10.00 pp

Stadium Tour

Newcastle Birthday Activities Stadium Tour
A Newcastle United Stadium Tour will take you on an amazing journey through the history of the Toon Army.
£25.00 pp

Street Dance

Newcastle Birthday Activities Street Dance
Learn the coolest of the cool here in Newcastle
£29.00 pp

Stunt Driving

Newcastle Birthday Activities Stunt Driving
A Stunt Driving experience near Newcastle that will see you learning some of the cool moves used for tv and films.
£99.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Surfing
The surf's up at this North East surf school, so add a touch of beach bum lifestyle to your Newcastle party.
£35.00 pp

Teen Pamper Party

Newcastle Birthday Activities Teen Pamper Party
Let the qualified beauticians come to a location, chosen by you, in Newcastle.
£24.95 pp


Newcastle Birthday Activities Turbo10
Turbo charging the classic game of cricket, you will be aiming for the boundary in Newcastle Turbo10!
£30.00 pp

Vintage Photoshoot

Newcastle Birthday Activities Vintage Photoshoot
A Model Photoshoot with a Vintage theme for your Newcastle party. A Vintage make-over, followed by a photo session to capture your new vintage look.
£58.00 pp

White Water Rafting

Newcastle Birthday Activities White Water Rafting
Time to negotiate the rapids... be under no illusions you will get wet, but it will be worth it!
£59.95 pp

Wine Tasting

Newcastle Birthday Activities Wine Tasting
Become a wine connoisseur for the day and test your tastebuds with wine tasting in Newcastle.
£49.95 pp

Woodland Ranger

Newcastle Birthday Activities Woodland Ranger
Dirt Buggies and Quads. Frenzy on four wheels and plenty of octane fuelled fun in Newcastle.
£45.00 pp

Winter Tyne Fun

Newcastle Birthday Winter Tyne Fun Package Deal
+ 1 Nights luxury accommodation
+ Transport and breakfast included
+ School sports day
+ Guestlist nightclub entry
+ Special winter price
£65.00 pp £85

Shake It Up

Newcastle Birthday Shake It Up Package Deal
+ 1 Night 4* hotel with breakfast
+ Cocktail training
+ 2 course meal
+ Taxi into town
+ Leisure Facilities
£89.00 pp

Purely Belta

Newcastle Birthday Purely Belta Package Deal
+ 1 night luxury hotel with breakfast
+ Bubble Football
+ Paintball
+ Casino Night
+ Guestlist Nightclub Entry
£98.95 pp £110

BEST SELLER Party and Pamper

Newcastle Birthday BEST SELLER Party and Pamper Package Deal
+ 2 Nights Luxury hotel with Breakfast
+ Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi
+ Pampering Treatment
+ Retro Club Guestlist
+ Tiger Tiger Nightclub Guest List
£138.00 pp £168

From Slumber to Club

Newcastle Birthday From Slumber to Club Package Deal
+ 2 nights Luxury hotel with breakfast
+ PJ party with food, movie, popcorn
+ Health Club at your hotel
+ 2 course evening meal
+ Nightclub entry
£144.95 pp £180

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!

Newcastle Birthday Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat! Package Deal
+ 2 Nights City hotel with Breakfast
+ Prosecco and Finger Food
+ Guestlist Nightclub Entry
+ 3 course Italian Meal
+ Bar Tour
£152.00 pp £200

PREMIUM - White Water Rafting

Newcastle Birthday PREMIUM - White Water Rafting Package Deal
+ 2 Nights Luxury hotel with Breakfast
+ White Water Rafting
+ Casino Night
+ Reserved Nightclub Area and Drinks
+ Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi
£175.00 pp


Newcastle Birthday Luxury hotel B&B
When you really want something special this is the choice for your group in Newcastle, great 4 star hotels with leisure.
£44.95 pp £60


Newcastle Birthday Apartments hotel B&B
Apartments offer you that flexibility and control, Newcastle apartments are a great option for all groups and they are self-catered.
£44.95 pp

3 Star Central

Newcastle Birthday 3 Star Central hotel B&B
We've sourced the very best and reliable City Centre hotels that are perfect for groups. Full English breakfast included as standard.
£55.00 pp

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