Avoid a Fearful Hen

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Avoid a Fearful Hen

It’s ok, we know, understand and appreciate where you’re coming from. You’ve been assigned the job of organising the most unforgettable hen weekend for your best mate... ever. You’re going to ensure it's awesome, unrivalled and will be talked about for decades.

Right now we urge you to sit down, take a little time for reflection. On what? Well consider the bride-to-be, she’s stressed, must be, so much to do, decisions to make. Do you really want a ‘fearful hen’ on your hands?

Seriously we’ve heard terrible stories of the hen being totally scared off, worried sick over stupid pranks, outrageous forfeits and being forced to drink the most disgusting cocktails – especially if she notices her friends huddled and plotting. Then don't get us started over the nightmares she's been having about being dressed up in a bin liner, adorned with condoms and the appearance of a stripper, forcing her face into his bits and leaving her psychologically scarred for life, a quivering wreck and in need of counselling. Ahhhhh, she's running for the sanctuary of the Ladies.

No, the idea is for her to look forward to this weekend with eager anticipation. A time for her to let her hair well and truly down. A time for her to spend with close friends. A time for her to feel special and loved.

Pampering - a Possibility.
Cocktail Making - a Contenter.
Lip Sync Battle - a Laugh.

  • Plan with her personality in mind.

  • Consult with her – doesn’t mean you can’t add a few surprises.

  • REMEMBER she is the most important person.

  • Don't forget these key points and turn it into a weekend that she will remember for all the right reasons.


    How do I surprise my bride on her hen do?

    Depending on the bride's personality it could be a fun idea to include a few surprises. But remember she only gets one hen night so think carefully.
    Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? With most hen weekends, the bride is commonly consulted on the basics, the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. The degree of freedom the bridesmaids get to go off piste, depends on the chances of awakening the bridezilla.

    Who pays for the hen do?

    How soon before your wedding should you have a hen do?

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