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Our Marketing Manager goes on a Food Tour in Leeds

Love food, love the look of it, the smell of it and of course the taste of it?… a food tour has to go on your bucket list.

I’m a foodie, anything that includes food and I’m in.

I was so much looking forward to my Leeds Food Tour, only the second food tour I’ve been on, but the first was so, so good… would Leeds match up? I’m happy to report it did.

Our tour guide was friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable, can’t really ask for much more. We got the heads up with some portion size top tips:
1. First stop was a healthy portion
2. Portion sizes vary
3. Don’t peak too soon, there would be 6 stops

I don’t now need to issue a spoiler alert, as I I’m not going to share with you about the stops on my tour, although our guide did say that the stops vary for every tour.

What I am going to share with you is that the tour incorporates facts about the city, local landmarks, loads of info about each food stop, the chance to try food you may not have tried before and I was full, very very full by the end.

I surprised myself with the heat of chilli strength that I could manage, made new friends and found some hidden gems.

I can highly recommend a Food Tour and I can highly recommend not having eaten breakfast beforehand.

Lynda Hulme – Freedom Marketing Manager

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