Flash Mob

Flash Mob Dance

Flash Mob Dance - It all started with those 6 little words 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner', I was hooked and the nation was hooked, Dirty Dancing fever had hit and everyone wanted a Johnny in their life!

We all wanted to be part of the grand finale dancing in sync together, it looked amazing and it gave everyone the feel good factor. The Flash Mob was born, and history has been written, now it's your turn to write your own Hen Flash Mob.

Flash Mobs are hot property, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are filled with them. Everyone who is anyone is doing it, making a lasting memory for all that are watching your perfectly choreographed moves. If I could whip my zombie outfit out and do the Thriller dance with my friends no one would stop me, I was meant to stand out and shine.

It's not just the ladies, the men are taking this Flash Mob by storm and owning that dance floor, surprising their new partner with the moves they have learnt, showing them that given anything they can do it. The Flash Mob Wedding Dance is an opportunity to pick the music that means something to you with dance moves that will wow the crowd and have your wedding being spoken about for years to come.

Let your inner John Travolta or Olivia Newton John free and let the teacher give you 2 hours structured lesson that will allow you to perfect the moves to your dance. After the 2 hours it's then up to you to practice those moves, it will be videoed and can be sent to your device so you can double check those moves, but you need to keep this under wraps. I know there should be no secrets but this is kind of special and the best gift that could be given ever, then once it is out there and shared this could go viral.

Let your wedding be the one that everyone remembers, choose the people that you want by your side, select the timing, maybe down the aisle, during the wedding speech or after your first dance. There is no better time to stand out, it's your wedding, your dance floor, your choice.

Be the Johnny or Baby of your own film.

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