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Lynda Hulme, Marketing Team. 14/04/2016

You've got 60 minutes to find the crown jewels and Escape the Room.

60 minutes with a huge digital display counting down, no pressure then.

Freedom Team hit the London Escape Rooms. There were 12 of us, so we split into 2 teams, 6 per room- and that's when the rivalry started!!!

Escape Rooms all have their own theme and our theme was a bank heist, find the jewels to get the code and escape the room. Sounds so easy doesn't it.

To say my team got off to a slow start would be a massive overstatement, we just couldn't get started at all.

Oh great, the humiliation back in the office would be unbearable. What was that, oh no, it was a shout of victory from our colleagues next door? they'd solved the first clue.

We'd been told that we could use the phone to call and ask for clues, BUT would have a minute deducted. Stubborn? Yes we are, so we waited and eventually they called us with a tip and we're off and running.

Things all went a little manic, we seemed to work better in smaller teams, solving mini clues along the way and ended up with lots of contents from lots of emptied safety deposit boxes, BUT where were the illusive jewels?

Time Check - 30 minutes gone.

It's fair to say that we were getting just a little excited. Excellent team work from Emily, Kevin, Breen and Lauren saw us slowly get our hands on the jewels.

The MD and I had to solve a riddle to work out in what order to use the code we found.

Baited breath - the door opened! We've escaped! 48 minutes! what a triumph!

The other Team? Let's just say it took them a little (lot) longer.

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