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Freedom FAM Trip to Cardiff and Bristol

by Karen Durman - Sales Team

Another tried and tested successful trip away with the Freedom Team.

It's amazing what hidden talents we get to find out about each other on a weekend away.

Becs, Accounts Manager: Has a new title, we have affectionately renamed her as a mean keen driving machine called The Freedom Stig, boy can she drive. With confidence, taking on the challenge of the 12 seater mini bus we hired, she drove like a pro with such skill, me as a co-driver helping to guide her into a reversed parking bay on a three point turn, she slipped smoothly into the space wedged between a rather sporty looking jaguar and also negotiating her way round a 7.5 tonne national express coach! Go sister! Unlike our MD who's parallel park was more of a chuckle brothers to me to you, 12 point forward back forward back manoeuvre, not helped with us jeering him on - to me to you! Sorry Mikey!

Emma Customer, Customer Relations Manager: Now a creative trend setting choreographer to add to her CV list. Producing the new dance craze, it's call the Lunge! In Pryzm nightclub in Bristol. Emma says "I'm off for a lunge Lynda" leaving a bemused Lynda shaking her head saying "okay Emma enjoy" off she toddles to the dance floor. What happened next was hilarious as Emma starts with a few cool dance moves looking good, she then launches herself as if she was ready for a full on gym session into a full set lunge, arms swinging away! She struts her bootie, with a straight deadpan look upon her face, cool as cucumber as she moves around the floor, how she did this I do not know. Heads start turning then people are nudging looking and thinking oooh shall we give it a go! Next thing the floor erupts and everyone is the doing the lunge move too! By this point Lynda and the rest of the Freedom team are crying with laughter. It was a Bristol Flash Mob moment, the Freedom team are setting a trend. It was hilarious and when the tune finished Emma coolly walks off to cheers and claps! Priceless and one of the funniest moments I have ever witnessed.

Marky Mark, Birthday Manager: Impressed the Skirmish team with his Axe throwing skills, they lost two that day in the bush, as he managed to completely throw them over and beyond the targets. He was then challenged to give the UK champion distance target a go. Due to his strength and stature we cheered him on chanting Gimli, Gimli, Gimli! Sadly he missed this, but only by a whisper, he is now affectionately known as Gimil in our Freedom family.

Lynda, Marketing: What a Crack Shooter, topped the highest score for the Clay Pigeon Shooting, there were more kisses on the page instead of scores for the rest of us crap shooters. Plus she also topped her personal best at getting to bed for 2.30am toasted with not one but two wine glasses, "cos she likes wine she does".

Karen, Senior Sales: Well what can we say, thought I could play at being Maid Marion with a little Archery at Skirmish, how hard can it be? Hold the bow, aim, pull back the string, release. Ahhhhh, bullseye not! I invented a new activity it's called Boobie Twanging, sorry I can't share my bruise, but girls it's bad. I win the award for best bruise of the weekend compared to my other weakling colleagues showing off their minor little marks from the shooting! Next time I go I will be wearing an armoured vest and Chris I am not joking when I say that you need to add this as a health hazard in your safety brief for the buxom groups ha ha.

Breen, Customer Relations Manager - Finally our baby girl has found that she can drive confidently yay! Sadly it's not the 4 wheel kind of vehicle, but she whizzed along on the Segways unlike some who's name we won't mention - Kevila - that proved this activity is still a no go one for them.

We stayed at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff fantastic location nice and central. What do the Welsh do best? Sing of course! so off we headed out to the Karaoke booth in Tiger Tiger:

Mikey, the MD: Was Freedom's answer to Tom Jones and had all the moves with his hips swinging, legs warbling as he belted, out of tune, of course, his rendition of Delilah. Many a fun tune was sung and the pinnacle of the night was Alice Alice who the f*** is Alice.

Angela, Customer Relations Manager: We discovered that she is well and truly is bonkers. We arrived onsite at Max Events her eyes glazed over, she clasped her chest and began to swoon making ahhing noises, it was love at first sight. Just like watching a movie she began to run in slow motion calling "oohh look there is moo cows, me love moo cows, I want one" she spent the rest of afternoon talking to the herd in the cowshed and trying to convince the farmer to let her adopt one.

Emily, Bookings Manager and Kate, Sales Coordinator: Were not happy bunnies as we forced them out of their comfy beds in the Angel Hotel to head out and see Cardiff. What better way to clear away the cobwebs and the blues of a hangover than to try out the Treasure Hunt, plus a dose of vitamin C they never travel without their Berroca Tablets. The clues were simple, easy to navigate, and they whizzed round with a victory for the sales pod. Yay!

Carol, Business Development Manager: Need for Speed this one as she won the Quad bikes and impressed all at Max Events with her skill that they entrusted her to ride the mean machines back to the lodge. Also she is the mischievous one and with some of us all tucked up in bed snoring soundly in the land of nod zzzzzz at the Holiday inn Express, decided to play knock down ginger in the hotel. Realising that Emma had not returned to her room, together with Breen, they thought it would be funny to wake Angela by accosting her as she was sleeping soundly happily dreaming of her moo cows - Pulling all the covers off, jumping then tickling the poor woman and because sharing is caring, they were feeding her the Macdonald chips and apple pies mmm odd combination you might think but then again it was 3am.

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