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My Goofy Review

As the title implies, Goofy games are a series of hilariously wacky challenges, which are to say the least "crazy, exciting and hilarious".

Last year, for my sister โ€“ Harriet Wood's 14th birthday party, I was lucky enough to actually compete in many different "goofy games." Also, with help from the Freedom team, the day went very smoothly and as planned.

There are up to 10 totally unique games to compete in against your mates. Some of these exhilarating activities include: bubble football, inflatable events such as riding an inflatable horse - definitely one of my most memorable experiences and, challenging obstacles such as Total Wipeout's, red "sweeper," which has grown immensely in popularity due to its high ratings. In fact "Total Wipeout" had more views than any other show during its first season premiere, and not to mention having a total of 5 Series, the show has influenced many from around the World. However, this gave us the opportunity of humiliating ourselves, without actually being on a Reality TV show whilst being watched by millions of viewers!

Blood, guts, sweat and tears.

Head-to-head we battled it out the red team against the green team. Focus and determination remained at the heart of both teams' tactics as we fought on in tug of war. Unfortunately, after much heaving, pulling and gripping onto the rope, our team - the green team gave way, with much exhaustion and desperation. Nonetheless, we would not stand defeated!

One of the most interesting activities of the day was dressing up to wrestle in sumo suits! As you can imagine, walking in a sumo suit was very much a challenge in itself, let alone battling and for this reason it was not only entertaining to participate in, but equally very amusing to watch.

Overall, there was not one bad word to say about the day. With much admiration we thanked the company organisers, who have proven to us that Goofy Games can truly appeal to anyone, no matter of your age, height or weight: there are no restrictions. Arguably, this is what makes it so convenient, as a Party idea.

Written by Amelia Wood


Lyba Hussain: "What an incredible experience, the best birthday party Iโ€™ve been to in a long time."

Mike (parent): "The day was prepared to a very high standard and the suppliers were very understanding and helpful."


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Even the most party-pooping guest (there is always one) will be in the party groove when the drinks are flowing and you kickstart the games. A party weekend isn't complete without some brilliant activities and games to break the ice and turbo charge the shenanigans.

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