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So you're a 90's child, you're in good company; 50% of the Freedom team played out their childhoods in the 90's! We won’t get on our high horses about how 18th birthdays and 21st birthdays don’t know how easy they've got it - have they ever tried skimming down a 300 character text into 200 characters to save being charged twice, on a phone with a screen that resembles a calculator, at least the battery lasted more than an hour to be fair.

Freedom are here to help with inspiration, planning and even collecting the funds! We keep it simple with flexible numbers and free installment payments so organising your birthday celebrations will be a lot simpler with us involved, and especially now you’re not in danger of being interrupted by your Mum yelling up the stairs for you to log off the internet so she can use the phone, as you hastily type "BRB" to your pal on MSN messenger.

You may be quarter of a century and irrationally upset you're 5 years away from turning 30 but don’t fret. Have a party and forget about it. Embrace it. 25th birthdays are the perfect opportunity to gather your friends for an unforgettable weekend, drinking and celebrating without a care in the world, we promise.

Need some birthday party ideas? Our top picks guarantee a good time and a lot of laughs.

With over 250 activities we have plenty to choose from. Want to compete amongst your friends? Choose games like combat archery, a mix between dodgeball and archery or solve the puzzles and escape the room. Or if you just want to chill, head to the spa for some R&R.

Bring your amigos and sombreros and get ready for a Mexican fiesta. Think tequila, think fajitas and think nachos. Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale! Voice your inner Adele and sing your lungs out on a karaoke night or go cocktail making, this is one of our most popular activities.


How do you make a party fun?

Even the most party-pooping guest (there is always one) will be in the party groove when the drinks are flowing and you kickstart the games. A party weekend isn't complete without some brilliant activities and games to break the ice and turbo charge the shenanigans.

What are good party ideas?

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