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£38 - £59 Per Person

Minimum Guests: 8

Duration: 90 minutes

Only real men need apply. This birthday party option can be as fast and furious as you make it, so don't hold back on the gas.

It has been scientifically proven that Go Karting improves reflexes, coordination and increases oxygen flow. Now surely it would be medically irresponsible to not add Go Karting Indoor to your weekend. Boring science aside, Go Karting is an immense activity which is as competitive as it is fun.

Gone are the days where you spend your time trying to race round a bumpy track in a vehicle that resembles a glorified fairground dodgem. Instead we are now blessed with state of the art facilities,with challenging tacks which will require you to deliver a Vettel’esque performance to come out on top. With the karts themselves capable of upwards of 45mph, there are no excuses for going slow (although we all know someone that will try – “My brake was too spongy”).

This is an ideal activity to put any arguments about who is the best to rest. With computerised lap times and podium finishes, not to mention lapping your mate for the 10th time, driving fast has never been more enjoyable.

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