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Hen Olympic Shames in Bath

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Faster. Harder. Dirtier. Such naughty games lined up for you in Bath.

Olympic Shames in Bath

Oooh errh, a naughty but fun choice for your hen party in Bath.

What's Included

  • Event coordinator who will referee
  • Unique and fun games
  • Equipment for each game
  • Venue Included
  • Group Photo
  • A unique bracelet for each player as a keepsake

£34.00Per Person

10 Minimum Guests

Olympic Shames Bath Hen
Olympic Shames Bath Hen
Olympic Shames Bath Hen
Olympic Shames Bath Hen

Think of Bath Olympic Shames as the naughtier adult version of sports day.

This hen party activity includes a variety of games which will have you working together with your team to be victorious. Which hen will have the best twerking technique and hip movements?

The event starts with the coordinator getting you in to 2 teams. Each game will be described, and if you’re really lucky you’ll get a demo before starting. Your event will include many of the below games:

Twerk Off – One player in each team is given a container filled with ping pong balls which is attached to a belt that goes on the waist so the container sits above the bum. One player in each team will put the belt on. When the host says go the players will have to twerk to get all the ping pong balls out of the container. NO HANDS ALLOWED must be done by only twerking. The player who empties the container first is the winner and it’s a point to the team. The next player is then up and so on until each player in each team has had a go. If there is a draw then each team can nominate the best player to play in the play off.

Moves like Jagger – Two players in each team have a belt around the waist standing opposite each other. Each end of a slinky is then attached to the belt and a cd is placed at one end. The players then have to rotate the hips to move the cd from one end to the other. The winning team gets the cd to the end first and gets a point for their team. Then the next 2 players are up until everyone has played.

Knee Trembler – One player in each team starts with a small ball they must hold between their legs. They must then take it to the hoop at the end and drop the ball into the hoop, run back and tag the next player in. The ball must land in the hoop, the team with the most balls in the hoops wins, if they manage to get the same number of balls in the hoop then the winning team is the team who finishes first.

Aladdin - (Indoor game only) One player in each team sits on the “magic carpet” they must scoot to the finish line and then back. The next player on their team then does the same until each player has been. The winning team is whoever finishes first.

Do your Balls hang low – One player in each team has a stocking attached to a belt with a heavy ball in the end of it. They must use this to hit a ball across the floor over the finish line then run back, the next player on the team then does the same. The winning team is whoever finishes first.

Head Banger – Each player on each team wears a head band fitted with a pedometer. They must generate the highest score on the pedometer by moving their head however they chose. The winning team is whoever accumulates the highest number.

Is it in yet – One player from each team stands at the finish line with the “loo roll” in between their legs. Another player at the start line then has a “plunger” in between their legs. The player with the “plunger” must go to their player at the finish line and put the stick of the “plunger” through the hole of the “Loo roll”. Once it’s in they swap, so the player who had the plunger stands at the finish line with the “loo roll” in between their legs. The other player then runs back to the team with the “plunger” in between their legs and passes it to the next player. Each player must go and swap as above. The winning team is whoever finishes first.

Twister – Each player will be giving instructions where to place their hands and feet by spinning the wheel. The winner will be the last player managing to hold their position.

Limbo – Players walk under a pole leaning backwards, once every player has gone under, lower the pole until there is a winner. Players are out if they touch the fall or fall.

Each game is designed to generate maximum laughs and the ultimate shame!

Hen Notes

We recommend wearing sports clothing, although this activity isn’t overly strenuous.
You will be provided with head bands and tutus in team colours.
Minimum group numbers of 10 if a smaller group wishes to take part a minimum of 10 players must be covered.
Available from 1st April to 31st October.


Allow yourselves 2 hours for this activity.
Please advise of a preferred start time on booking.
0-18 players 1 hour
15 -19 players 1 Hour
20 -27 players 90 mins
28+ players 2 hours


Venue in Bath.

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