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It's nothing like you've ever done before, come and play It's a Knockout in Edinburgh.

Its a Knockout in Edinburgh

Barmy, brilliant and bonkers, It's a Knockout is a sure-fire hit for a crazy Edinburgh Stag party!

What's Included

  • 8 Crazy Games
  • Free T Shirt
  • Safety Briefing
  • Fun Instructors

£52.00Per Person

8 Minimum Guests

Its a Knockout Edinburgh Stag
Its a Knockout Edinburgh Stag
Its a Knockout Edinburgh Stag
Its a Knockout Edinburgh Stag

8 different games are played throughout this Edinburgh It's a Knockout session, which is split into 2 halves so you would play 4 games have a small break for 15 / 20 minutes then you will go out and complete the last 4 games:

10 maids a milking - When the whistle blows the first contestant is off going over / under the inflatable to the other side where the first person to reach the cow will start the 5 second timer, after 5 seconds the whistle is blown again to signal that the milking is over and the next contestant can start. The team with the most water in their bucket wins.

Caterpillar tracks - Each team is given a lane and a caterpillar track, the objective of the game is to be the first team to go to the end and back staying in their own lane with all contestants in the track.

Penguin Pursuits - Each team are given a penguin suit and asked to get their first team member dressed fully in the suit (hat included). The first contestant will be given a hula hoop they have to travel down their lane to cone at the other end where they will have to try to throw the hoop over a penguin, then return back down their lane to swap over with their team mate who will be waiting to be suited up!

Chicken Run - The final game of the first half played on our biggest inflatable. Each contestant will have to individually go through the inflatable, collect their chicken, scurry through the cargo netting whilst water is dribbled through the netting to a hoop at the end where they will have to aim and throw the chicken into their team's pot.

Rapid Run - One contestant from each team must sit on the raft which has ropes on either end, whilst the rest of the team split in half. The team must pull the raft down their lane whilst the contestant transfers water from one to the other.

Ski Funday - Each team is given a lane and a giant set of ski's. All the contestants must stand on the ski's together and move there and back down their own lane. This game requires military skills!

Water Works - With a big bucket of water at one end and an empty bucket at the other all team members much stand in the hoops and transfer as much water as possible to their empty bucket using the sponges provided.

Fast Food Frenzy - The big inflatable is now all foamed up and there are 10 burgers, 10 hot dogs and 10 pieces of fried chicken hidden on the inflatable. One person from each team (normally the contestant that doesn't want to get wet) will be dressed as the team's chef it is their job to catch the team's piece of food once it is retrieved from the inflatable. The first team member will go on the inflatable swimming around to locate their specific piece of food, once located they will come off the inflatable through the cargo netting and standing in a hoop throw their piece of food to the chef. Once you get back to the start point and high five your team mate the next person can go.

These games are subject change.

Stag Notes

Please note that this activity needs a minimum of 20 people to run, so if your group is less than 20 you will be added to another party.
Bring a change of clothes... you will get wet!


The session will run from 12pm -3pm. Arrival time is 11.30am


Edinburgh (EH29)

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