Hen Multiple Activity Day in Brighton

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Us girls love a choice, let's face it we are picky. This selection of hen activities delivers the popular and the usual in one great hen do package near Brighton.

What's Included

  • Choice of three activities:
  • 4 x 4 Driving
  • Quad Bikes
  • Rally Karts
  • Crazy Machines (Robin Reliant or Dizzymobile)
  • Archery
  • Abseiling
  • Friendly Qualified instructors

£85.00Per Person

6 Minimum Guests

Multiple Activity Day Brighton Hen
Multiple Activity Day Brighton Hen
Multiple Activity Day Brighton Hen
Multiple Activity Day Brighton Hen

Why settle for 1 activity when you can have 3?

For your Brighton Multiple Activity Day you choose 3 activities from:
Jungle Run - This is a woodland off road course where you will be driving a Land Rover 90, Daihatsu Fourtrack or a roll caged buggy.
Meadow Meander - You will be driving a Kia jeep or Daihatsu Fourtrack. During this course you will experience man made side slopes, short steep up and down hill sections and negotiate a wooded area.
Quad Obstacle Course - Using a 125cc Yamaha Grizzly ATV, you will be negotiating obstacles such as raised side risers, the rolling road, a steep see saw and even a limbo bar.
Rally Karts Time Trials - Powered by a 400cc Honda engine with rear wheel drive and rear wheel brakes. You will need to get the kart round the course faster than anyone else.
Rally Karts Pitstop - After each driver’s race laps, the red flag is out. As they stop in the pit area your team releases them from the kart. The next driver leaps into the hot seat, the others strap them in and jump clear, and away they go. The clock only stops when the last team member has competed their laps.
Dizzymobile - A most peculiar vehicle, with two independently-steered axles. What is more, the two steering wheels are incorporated into the seats! Co-operation between the two participants is vital, as each twists and turns on their stool, attempting to maneuver the beast through a course marked out with cones.
Blindfold Driving - Another activity where communication is paramount! Can you direct a blindfolded colleague around a twisty, hilly section of terrain?
Reliant Surprise - This looks like a Reliant Robin, and drives like one too; except for a fiendish twist!
Quad Assembly Puzzle - The Quad Obstacle Course is lying in pieces at the side of the field, and you need to assemble it before you can drive it. The problem is that the plan of the course, and diagrams for each obstacle, are in the Lodge, and cannot be moved.
Archery - Experienced instructors will teach you about the equipment and its proper use before letting you test your skills.
Abseiling - Using one of the purpose-built abseiling towers, each with steps up the inside you will then drop 12.5m in the safety of your harness and safety equipment.
Zipwire - After putting on your safety gear you will launch from a platform situated in the tree tops, down the 100m zip wire and back again. Be sure to hold onto your stomach!
Roll-over Buggy - This is a challenging trials section where at the end of the course you have the unique opportunity to roll the vehicle, deliberately.

Hen Notes

You need to choose 3 activities.


Allow 3 - 4 hours with 45 minutes on each of your chosen activities.


The multiple activity site is around a 45 minutes drive from Brighton.

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