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£20 - £30 Per Person

Minimum Guests: 8

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

The rules are simple, kick a football off the tee, down the fairways, onto the green and into the hole in as few kicks as possible! Beauty of this is it's football but without the running. Always a winner if you’ve had a few drinks the night before!

What started as a bit of a novelty concept, now has courses across the UK and the only equipment you need to bring with you is that magic right or left peg of yours!

The aim is to play each hole in the fewest number of 'kicks'. Sounds easy, but we've seen grown men reduced to excuse-ridden wrecks, it's a lot harder than it sounds. And if you want to ramp it up, put a twist on the game by setting challenges such as playing ‘a hole with weakest foot’ or maybe ‘nearest to the pin' on short holes, longest drive or even putt on one green 'back-heel' only. Maybe add forfeits? We could suggest... ‘If your ball lips out on any hole, then down a shot’ or ‘if any player scores 2 or lower, he can pick a player to down a pint’. Keep count of the drinking forfeits for later that night of course!

And dont forget the customary rehearsed celebration...a signature Tiger Woods fist pump or a Crouchie Robot?

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