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£88 Per Person

Minimum Guests: 8

Duration: 3 hours

The story that legends are made of, Cornwall Castaway.

Picture the scene, it's a stormy night, waves battering the rocks and a local fishing boat is in distress near the notoriously dangerous Cribbar reef .

The legendary story goes that heroic lifeboat staff went to the rescue, the coxswain deemed the water unsafe to launch the lifeboat but the others rebelled and launched anyway.

One huge wave tipped over the lifeboat.

Now this is where you adventurous types can join the story are you ready for:
wild sea swimming
climbing and traversing your way along the rocks
riding sluices (nature’s natural rapids) and diving into deep water plunge pools
forage for edible cave delicacies
collecting drift wood to build a fire
launch and land the castaway raft
perform efficient paddle strokes both standing up and kneeling down
steer and control the craft
AND navigate the craggy coastline back to shore.

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