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£27-£30 Per Person

Minimum Guests: 10

Duration: 5 hours

Lets face it everyone loves a bar crawl. What's not to like about trying different bars, different drinks and different people to embarrass your mates in front of. If the city is not your own, a bar crawl might be the only time you actually get to see any part of it during the weekend. The downside however is someone has to take the role of ‘Leader’. It’s easy at first, but try getting 10 grown men to do anything after a few beers. It would be easier to herd cats.

Take away the stress by using our Bar Crawl Babes who will take care of everything on your night out. The girls will lead you on a mini bar crawl, taking you to 3/4 bars before leaving you at the door of a nightclub. That’s not all, girls will take care of your kitty and even order your drinks. Let’s face it they will find it much easier to get served than you ever would.

With the ladies taking away the stress of making sure the night goes smoothly, you are free to sit back and enjoy a well-earned beer.

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