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Enter the battlefield and deploy military tactics to eliminate your opponents by shooting them with replica firearms.

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£29.95 + Per Person

Minimum Guests: 8

Duration: 2 hours

Airsoft v Paintball! A question that has been asked for over 30 years. Much like the Android v I-Phone, X-Box v Playstation and Fifa v Pro Evo debates, everyone has there own preference. However the TRUTH is that Airsoft is more realistic, more challenging not to mention less messy than its rival.

Taking place at purpose built venues, with weapons so realistic they can be hard to distinguish from those used in real battles, you and your group face each other to prove who has tactical supremacy. Imagine 'Call of Duty', but instead of trying to hit an 8 year old in Iceland with a sniper rifle, you get to actually shower your mates with BB pellets...much more satisfying,

You might choose to take the Rambo approach and go down in a blaze of glory, or channel Jack Bauer and systematically take out the opposition one by one. Alternatively you can also take the 'hide in a bush and let everyone else shoot each other' approach. The choice is up to to you.

Whether you are alone or as part of a team, the ultimate aim is survival...Be the last man standing!

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