Stag Boys Toys in Nottingham

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Quite simply a staggering (no pun intended - honest) choice for any Nottingham stag weekend. We'll let you boys loose, enjoy your playtime!

What's Included

  • 4 activities
  • 45 minutes per activity
  • Equipment and briefing

£75.00Per Person

8 Minimum Guests

Boys Toys Nottingham Stag
Boys Toys Nottingham Stag
Boys Toys Nottingham Stag
Boys Toys Nottingham Stag

Come on stags, FOUR activities just 15 minutes from Nottingham city centre.

Your Nottingham Boys Toys includes:

RAGE BUGGIES - These buggies were featured on BBC Two's Top Gear and voted the best off-road vehicle. They are 600cc with roll cage, we run them on time trials, whilst one person is going around the track the next person is waiting in the pits to jump in as soon as the existing driver returns. Team mates can help in getting the drivers in and out of the rage buggies as soon as possible. The best time of the day wins. This event runs using two vehicles, but only one vehicle on the track at any one time. We do not race these vehicles as they are too fast and it would be too dangerous!

MICRO QUADS - Basically they are a miniature quad bike, not only amusing but because they are quite low to the ground you really feel the speed factor. You will be racing head to head with these little monsters which makes this event unique, as they are the only vehicle that we do race! These vehicles are fun and easily operated with handle bar controls.

BUNGEE RUN - Running as hard and fast as possible down our bungee run before the power of the bungee cord launches you back to the start! How far can you get? A great "head to head" challenge. The winner will be the person who places the Velcro Batten the furthest along the inflatable channel. Just when you think that you are going to get all the way to the end, the Bungee cord will send you flying all the way back to the start.

POWERTURNS - These Twin Engine Dragsters have the ability to wheelie for long distances. On the course it's a test of skill, with one driver controlling the vehicle and one passenger, then swapping over. Navigating your way through a set course, timed against the rest of your team. Not only are these vehicles exciting but also allow two people in the vehicle at the same time which means double the fun!

Stag Notes

It is advisable to wear old clothes as you will get muddy.
Minimum age for the events is 16 years.
Please note that Body cameras, Go-Pro’s or hand held devices etc are not permitted to be worn or carried by participants whilst actually in / on games.
The wearing of costumes incorporating battery packs, fans, lights etc is not permitted to be worn on WET games or activities where it's likely to increase injury risks.


WINTER TIMINGS (February and November) Session 1 – 9.45am arrival for a 10.00am start. Session 2 – 12.45pm arrival for a 1.00pm start
SUMMER TIMINGS (March – October) Session 1 – 9.15am arrival for a 9.30am start, Session 2 – 12.00pm arrival for a 12.15pm start, Session 3 – 2.45pm arrival for a 3.00pm start


2 miles from M1, about 15 minutes west of Nottingham

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