Birthday MegaMix in Birmingham

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Can't quite decide on an activity? Choose this option for a MegaMix of activities in Birmingham.

What's Included

  • 2-3 Hour Event
  • Event Coordinator
  • Choice of 2 Activities
  • Venue Hire
  • All Equipment

£48.95Per Person

10 Minimum Guests

MegaMix Birmingham Birthday
MegaMix Birmingham Birthday
MegaMix Birmingham Birthday
MegaMix Birmingham Birthday


Why not upgrade this activity?

+ £20.05 Tregamix

Struggling to decide what to do? Well with our MegaMix in Birmingham you can double the fun and pick the best combo for you.

Choose 2 of the following:

Bubble Football - hugely popular version of out national game...and as crazy as it sounds! Encased in a one man bubble, you'll split into teams and the referee (whom we feel extreme pity for, as we envisage some serious argy bargy with players flying everywhere), starts the game. The idea is to score...or is it!

Bubble MayHen - we've taken the hugely popular Bubble Football and made a few changes that we believe will be more appealing to the girls with games, forfeits and challenges to see who is the last one standing.

Combat Archery - wev've combined archery, dodgeball and Paintball to give you Combat Archery! Put your hunting skills to the test, grab a bow and shoot one another with tailor-made foam tipped arrows! Last man standing!

Footdarts - Take two of our most popular sports, mash them together and in true cartoon-like fashion, you get Footdarts! The beautiful game and a pub classic merge for some laugh a minute competition! Fancy yourself as strange mix of Lionel Messi and MVG? Well here you can prove it!

Dodgeball - Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive... and Dodge! Fast paced action as we play both traditional dodgeball and a series of 'alternative' versions which will get the group laughing! Dodgeballs are on the centre line, the whistle goes and mayhem ensues!

Shock Football - Wow! Another incredible variation of our national game...and it's hilarious! It starts off as a nice friendly game of 5 a side. Then the twist. each player has a band around a leg and you take turns as the controller to punish a player for diving, backchat, or maybe being too flash, with a short sharp shock! Watch them fall!

Beer Goggle Football - So think 5-aside football, then add binocular glasses to the mix and you have the craziest game of footie ever. These specially designed glasses make the ball either look 10 times further away from you or 10 times closer!

School Sports Day - Relive your school days, bring back those memories of dodgy clothes and the haircut your mum gave you but come away with bragging rights after beating your mates at the games you used to love! We're talking egg 'n' spoon, the sack race, bean bag on head race, 3 legged race, wheelbarrow, hula hooping and many more.

Upgrade to Tregamix and add a third activity for just £20 per person extra.

Birthday Notes

Book early to secure the best availability for your chosen activities. You will be asked to choose your activities on booking.


Allow 2 hours for this activity or up to 3 hours if group is 20 or more. Please advise of a preferred start time when booking.


We organise the venue and it will be confirmed on booking.

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