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Generally overshadowed by its bigger brother Prague, but not to be underestimated! If you are looking to visit a Czech city without the hordes of tourists then Brno is certainly the destination for you!
Thinking of a team event abroad and wanting something different, unusual and completely away from the norm? Yes, well a break in Brno is just for you. Be ahead of the game; beat the other corporate teams with this unique chance to experience the unspoilt Czech Republic. Let FREEDOM organise an unrivalled Brno team holiday for you.

Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic. Its so picturesque being surrounded on three sides be wooded hills, but possibly the biggest attraction is the feeling of visiting the unspoilt – a rarity these days.

You will find interesting Art Nouveau houses, Gothic and Baroque churches, great ice creams and cheap operas.

However a huge draw for your Brno corporate do is this invitation to see a true Czech city without the hordes of tourists. If you want to know how the Czech people really live, Brno is the place for you.

Although the city is famous for its trade fairs and for its motorcycling Grand Prix, it also makes an interesting tourist destination.

We fully accept that your main priority is to find fun and party, however you might just …. maybe… find a little time to check out the sites:

Petrov Cathedral – balancing upon a suitably dramatic hill
Capuchin Crypt – features a gruesome collection of the hereafter with a selection of mummified nobles and monks
Spillberk Castle – this fortress is worth visiting for its labyrinth of dungeons
Svobody Namesti – Freedom square

Public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams, but in actual fact the town centre is small enough to be visited on foot.

The cuisine on offer seldom ventures far from traditional Czech fare, i.e. pork dumplings and sauerkraut, however in the good news department it’s cheap.

Almost all restaurants double up as pubs and alcohol is available all day every day – more good news for your Brno company fun day. Try the local wines, there’s some good quality on offer.

Impress the team and overcome the language barrier on your Brno team event:
Hello - Dobry den
Bye - Na shledanou
Please - Prosim
Thanks - Dekuji
Wine - vino
ten - deset
The locals will love your efforts as you ask for ten wines please and say thanks once served.

IDEAS: Stuck for ideas on what you could be doing on your team activity day in Brno? Let us tickle your fancy with our most popular options.

For daylight hours on your multi-activity trip in Brno:

Clay pigeon Shooting- Squeeze the trigger, feel the kickback and... clay pigeon shooting in Brno.

Tank Driving – Do you think you’re up to controlling this beast of a vehicle? This is certainly an unusual and unforgettable experience, will driving ever be the same again. See you on the battlefield.

Paintball - Paintball is currently one of the fastest growing extreme sports in Europe. You’re probably not in need of an excuse to ‘get’ the boss, but you can’t miss this golden opportunity. Use the natural cover, use your own survival instincts and use your gun to maximum damage. Hear that satisfying thwack and see the explosion of vivid colour as your shot finds its target.

After dark for your team entertainment in Brno:

Medieval Banquet – Take a step back in time to wine and dine your team on this alternative night out.

PUB CRAWL – A highly recommended way to learn the geography of Brno. Let our guides ensure you don’t miss the best pubs and bars in town to get the most out of your company party night in Brno.

Cocktail club tour- Let us take you to Bratislava's swankiest cocktail bars. It’s a great team bonding evening.

VIP Nightclub entrance – Hey no time for queuing we’ll get you past the doorman and straight into the action.

A bed for the night - Brno accommodation:

Again you choose, we’ll organise the Brno Hotel for you to suit all your needs. Our luxury hotels provide plenty of corporate hospitality and make a superb base for your team activity day.

Tell us what you want, whether you want a city centre location or a relaxing retreat, we’ve done our research and found some great hotels in Brno happy to have you stay. Maybe you want your hotel to have a conference room or perhaps spa facilities, just let us know.

You’re busy people, we at Freedom know this. You choose your accommodation and activities and let us do the rest for the perfect team entertainment in Brno.

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