Stag Game of Thrones in London

+ 2 hour Swordsmanship Class
+ Man vs Food Banquet
+ Beer Babes
+ Lap Dancing Wenches

Sale £85.00 pp £99

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Sale £85.00 pp £99
Minimum Guests: 10
1 Day
Location: London

With the 6th book eagerly awaited, why don't you write the next chapter.
The guys have battles to wage, banquet to gorge and women to entertain them. Sounds like the perfect stag do.

We can add accommodation as well, just ask.

Stage Fighting

You've watched Game of Thrones, you've admired the action and you aspire to be so manly, well here's your chance.

Let the struggle for the throne begin.

This adrenaline-filled London Stage Fighting activity is sure to get the heart rate up and be every action film fan’s favourite stag party ever.

Meet your trainer at the private venue and get warmed up. The teacher will show you how to sword fight using wooden swords, including how to hold, attack and defend. You will be confidently duelling in choreographed fight scenes in no time.

This is a great stag event for film fans and you can choose to theme the session if you wish to, for example, you might want a Game of Thrones style duel between the Starks and the Lannisters.

We'll provide the wooden swords, you provide the aggression and skill in wielding them.

Man vs Food

OK this really does deserve to be called an epic food challenge. We give you London stag vs food.

Only those with a 'healthy' appetite need apply... gigantic burger, fries, onion rings, coleslaw, brownie and a coke float.

So the challenge is on, can you eat the lot in under 30 minutes. Only those successful will be presented with a 'King of the Jungle' t-shirt to wear with pride.

This package includes 2 x gigantic burgers the rest of the group can choose from the standard menu.

Beer Babes

You'll start off at one of the London's hottest bars at 7:00pm where you will be greeted by our London Beer Babes in full-on, sexy, beer maid outfits!

Before you get a chance to take it all in ... its time for the first round of complimentary shots.

Once you and your stags have downed these, its time for our Beer Babes to lead the games, dares, forfeits and more!

Don't get too comfortable, its on to the next bar! Our Beer Babes will round up the stags and take you on to the next venue while all the other guys in the bar look on in amazement and more than a hint of jealousy.

You will visit 2 - 4 bars throughout the bar crawl (depending on how fast you and your stags drink!) and finish off at one of the Londons top nightclubs where our Beer Babes will leave you and your stags to dance the night away.

Gents Club

Enjoy some time at this plush London Gents Club situated in the heart of the West End.

Very popular with stag parties... no surprise as it enjoys a relaxed atmosphere and guests are encouraged to mingle, dance and have fun.

It goes without saying that all the girls are gorgeous! You'll find them friendly and happy to chat as well as take their turn on the free pole show that runs continuously for all guests to watch, it's a great way of selecting your favourite lady for a private dance or an area on our VIP floor to take her to.

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