Birthday Multiple Activity Day in Nottingham

This is a fiesta of activities for your Nottingham birthday - how much fun can you handle in one day!

What's Included

  • Choose 4 activities from:
  • Archery
  • Assault Course
  • Beasting Stations
  • Blindfold 4 x 4
  • Jungle Challenges
  • Laser Tag
  • Laser Clays
  • Sumo

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Price: £75.00
per person

Guests: 8

Full day


Get ready for a full-on day of activities, this one will certainly prove to be a day that is remembered over and over again.
So this is how it works, you choose 2 activities from the list below for the morning, then choose another 2 activities for the afternoon.

Choose four of the following:

Assault Course
Covering a couple of acres, this course has all the usual suspects, the scramble net, Burma Bridge, the wall, black hole and more. Each member of the team must complete each element of the course before the rest of the team can move on.
Following your safety walk round where you will be given a demonstration of what to do at each obstacle, the teams must then navigate their way through the assault course taking with them a cannon which must be dismantled and re-assembled after each obstacle.
Penalty points are given if teams re assemble the cannon incorrectly or brake any of the obstacle rules so this is not about being the quickest more about the team pulling together.
Easy you say, well maybe for you but each obstacle challenges a different fear, a tight space, a blacked out hole, a high wall or a wide ravine to get over, there will be at least one if not more in your team that need your support and help at some point around the course.

Experience archery in the wooded depths of Sherwood Forest. You could say it's the spiritual home of archery, courtesy of Robin Hood and his band of merry men.
Whether you're a Maid Marian or more of a Friar Tuck, you'll love the chance to learn how to shoot arrows on target at the woodland archery venue. With experienced tuition you'll quickly learn how to load the bow and shoot like a skilled marksman, putting your archery skills into practice.

Beasting Stations
This is a real physical challenge. If you are looking to put your group through its paces and want to get them working as a team, don't mind getting down and dirty and are happy for our instructors to go all ARMY BARMY on you, then BEASTING stations will be ideal for you. Set within its own 2 acres section of the Jungle site we have 4 physically challenges BEASTING stations set up for you to go at, there is a very good chance you won't get to tackle all 4 just because of how demanding they are but you will get to decide which ones you do in which order so at least you will get to try your hand at the ones you most like the look of. The BEASTING stations are Bunker Build, Poles apart, Medevac and Totally Tyred.

Jungle Challenges
This is The Crystal Maze combined with Scrapheap Challenge in the heart of Sherwood Forest.
For the Jungle Challenges the groups are asked to design or build or complete a mission with the equipment they are given.
There 5 stock challenges such as 999 duck rescue, helicopter rescue, zoo crazy etc. the specific challenge is decided upon by the Jungle staff on the day as some are affected by the weather and group size.

Laser Tag
Using state of the art laser beam technology you can play out all your action and adventure dreams in our purpose built laser tag arenas in the heart of Sherwood Forest.
All players get 10 lives per game and all the ammunition is included in the cost.
There are no projectiles so no risk of impact or bruising, no messy paintballs, but all the thrill of the chase.

Laser Clays
A totally unique, simulated, hi-Tec electronic version of the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is shotgun shooting without the need for ear defenders, risk of recoil and the subsequent bruises!
Using real (but de-activated) shotguns, players test their skill by shooting laser beams at discs fired from a traditional trap. The shotguns use an infra-red pulse which acts the same as a traditional cartridge, mirroring the action of the shot as it leaves the gun.

770 metre slalom course all everyone has to do is drive around through the gates without hitting any of the poles, it all seems so easy that is until our instructor hands you your blacked out goggles.
You and your team will need to work together to overcome this 4x4 challenge. You have a team mate on each side of the vehicle with the rest of the team in the vehicle with the driver. Then with your friends as navigators you will steer your way around the course. From the starting point to the finishing line you will be driving completely blind.
Everyone has the chance to drive and direct

Wearing a huge padded Sumo Wrestler grapple with your opponent and shove them out of the ring.
After the initial bravado and posturing, including a round of wedgies, don the suits, shikiri (eyeball) your opponent with an icy glare and at the sound of "Hakkyoi" commence as an inflatably assisted battle warrior. Two teams are created and a member of each team battles it out in a Sumo match.

Birthday Upgrades

Don't forget your evening activities - we have a Party Night to get your evening started. This includes a 2 course meal, a drink then stay and party till late, from £19.95pp

Birthday Notes

Facilities: toilet / changing rooms, free tea / coffee.
No food provided, you may want to bring your own picnic.


Arrive at either 9:45 for a 10 am start and finish around 3 pm or at the latest 10:45 finishing around 4 pm.


From Nottingham city centre 12 miles. 30 minutes drive.
Situated: north of the city.
Parking facilities: Yes.
Public Transport: none.
Will need to take a taxi from the city centre at around £30.00.

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