Party Paintball in Blackpool

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What's not to love about sneaking up on the opposition and splatting them with a paintball? Yes, perfectly competitive fun for any party in Blackpool.

What's Included

  • All Equipment (Guns, Anti-Fog Goggles and Camouflage Kit)
  • 100 Paintballs Each
  • Fully Trained Marshals and Safety Briefing
  • Themed Mission Play Zones
  • Free Tea and Coffee

£18.00Per Person

8 Minimum Guests

Paintball Blackpool Party
Paintball Blackpool Party
Paintball Blackpool Party
Paintball Blackpool Party

Semi-automatic paintball guns at the ready ... let the war begin!

Blackpool Paintball games are scenario based, each with their own objectives.

RTA (Road Traffic Accident)
A vehicle situated in a horseshoe gully, with a flag on it. One team placed around the ridge to prevent the other team from rescuing the flag, plenty of barriers and empty 45 gallon drums - they make one heck of a noise when a paintball hits them. This is a tough game with reasonable protection from barriers on the way down but an exposed area adjacent to the vehicle - can it be done?

Wall of Death
If you're attacking - you're starting on the edge of no mans land as you begin in the middle of a bitter war between the two teams. Your team need to make their way down the game area to rescue the prized possession dropped in front of the Wall of Death and get it back to your starting point without being hit, sound easy? You do not want to be last man standing if youre on the attacking team on this game
The defending team are barricaded behind the Wall of Death and their task to eliminate every attacker approaching the wall.

Team Kill
Eliminate the other tea. Simple!

Capture The Flag
Each team start with a different coloured flag in their base. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposite team in order to capture their flag and return it to your base. The first team with all the flags in their base wins the game.

Command Post Carnage
An attack/defend base game. One team will be situated inside our purpose built house on site protecting the flag located 20ft just in front. The other team, with full size riot shields, will be tasked to gain the flag and return to their start point. The attacking team can only win this game by retrieving the flag.

Stag Kill
Yes it's got to be done! We place the Stag, Best Man well you do need to support him, a relative if you brought one (so bring your Mother In Law) up in the tower (this is purely voluntary) if you wimp out you will have to live with some serious stick, anyway the rest of the guys then attack you . That's it.

You may not win a medal but we can guarantee you will get decorated.

The first 100 paintballs are free. Protective clothing is provided and extra paintballs cost £7 for 100.

Coffee and snack shop - FREE Tea and Coffee available all day, Cold drinks/ pop, crisps, chocolate and a selection of hot food for sale.
Just 4 miles from Blackpool.

Party Notes

Extra Paintballs can be purchased at £7 per pot of 100, or £23 for 400
Over 12 years old only.
Suitable for disabled.
Lunch can be purchased on site.


10am or 1pm start time Saturday
11am start time on a Sunday
Open seven days a week.


Located on a Farm just 4 miles from Blackpool town centre, close to Junction 4 on the M55 motorway

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