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Bratislava is the buzzing capital of Slovakia. The Town spreads like a fan on both sides of the Danube River. It is regarded as one of the most dynamically developing and most prospective regions in Europe.
Are you thinking of organising a weekend away for you and your friends in Bratislava? We at FREEDOM promise to do all the hard work to ensure your Bratislava party weekend ticks all the boxes on your wish list. You want a hassle-free, stress-less, fun-filled Bratislava birthday or party! FREEDOM can do it.

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Bratislava is most definitely an interesting choice for your group party weekend abroad. This capital of Slovakia is one of the youngest in Europe and having being ruled by the Celts, Romans, Hungarians, Hasburgs and Czechs has influences from them all.

This city sits on the river Danube and has borders with Hungary and Austria.

Giving advice to you Bratislava group party people on overcoming the language barrier is not easy, given the diversity of influences you could hear snippets of Slovak, German or Hungarian. Our staff and guides are on hand to help or you could resort to mime and pointing.

The rich mix of cultures and nations not only left its mark in the language spoken, but also in the customs, cuisine and lifestyle. The people of Bratislava like to promenade, taking time out for coffee (or something stronger if you’d prefer) and there’s plenty of opportunities for this in an area referred to as Korzo.

With eight universities and 60,000 students this is a city of young people and caters well for them. The elegantly reconstructed city centre has themed pubs, bars and restaurants. For cocktail bars try Paparazzi, People’s or Greenwich Bar.

Enjoy the diverse nightlife from funky chic bars to underground clubs and casinos.

Visitors say that the city has a relaxed Mediterranean type atmosphere and is thought of as a seaside city without the sea.

The city centre has been likened to “one huge restaurant”, probably because of the propensity of cafes and restaurant, all ready to serve a hungry Bratislava party group. For real Bratislava fine dining try the flying UFO restaurant

You will find that the town centre is pedestrianised and only takes about 20 minutes to walk around. If you fancy stretching this further, you’ll be rewarded with some fabulous views from the imposing Bratislava Castle.

Nowadays Bratislava is experiencing a boom, buildings are popping up, deals being made, people studying and people enjoying a thoroughly good party night in Bratislava. There is a warm welcome for you and all tourists.

IDEAS: Stuck for ideas on what you could do for your group party activity break in Bratislava? Why not take a look at our pre-made ideas.

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For daylight hours on your group party Bratislava:

Charlie's Angels – Fancy giving the boys a run for their money? Maybe handling a rifle could get you girls excited (not trying to be smutty). A little hearty competition, are you going to be Cameron Diaz (Magnum), Lucy Liu (Colt 45) or Drew Barrymore (AK47).

Bob sleigh- 360 meters of fun packed adrenalin. Feel the rush as you whiz down Bratislava's biggest hill...

Bratislava Treasure Hunt - Take to the streets of Bratislava on foot and battle with the cryptic clue format to prove your worth. Find Bratislava's landmarks in this great treasure hunt...

Wet & Wild- For all the best fun in the water we have a selection of cool activities for you to try.

After dark on your group party weekend Bratislava:

River Boat – What a perfect start to your party night, a gentle cruise, admiring the view of the city lights.

Pub Crawl – let our guides ensure you don’t miss the best pubs and bars in town to get the most out of your group party night in Bratislava.

Casino – feeling lucky? Then head off to one of the biggest casinos in Bratislava’s city centre. N.B. strict dress code, no trainers.

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A bed for the night - Bratislava accommodation:

Again you choose, we’ll organise the Hotel for your party weekend abroad to suit all budgets.

We can offer you a centrally located hotel, including breakfast and taxes with a twin or triple room option.

We’ll arrange a meet and greet at the airport, including your airport transfer.

Just to show how much we have your interests at heart, we’ll sort out “get em home” laminated cards with hotel and taxi details – how’s that for service.

The hotels we choose have been selected for their high quality customer service, party people suitability, central location and value for money.

FREEDOM: home of the overseas birthday party in Bratislava.

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